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Milk Moon
Friday, May 6th, Taurus, 12:29 pm PST

Taurus is showing up just when we need it. I am sure you all have felt challenged in the past few weeks... it's all of those planets in retrograde that I mentioned in the last post. Retrograde times are no joke. And we now have FIVE planets retrograding. Some will go direct during the month of May, others we will have to wait longer. Here's the list so you will know when you can breathe again:
Jupiter until May 9
Mercury until May 22
Mars until June 29
Saturn until August 13
Pluto until September 26

Retrograde times are tough, but they are also valuable. They help us restructure and create a new relationship to our outer world that mirrors our inner self. So they are times when old beliefs, ideas or patterns will fall away, often by being triggered to come to the surface first. You are not alone if you have felt very reactive lately (thanks to Mars), agitated, gotten in a fight, encountered passive aggressiveness, etc... I can almost guarantee that anything that is being triggered and coming up is coming up to be cleared. Pay attention to everything in your life right now, this is a time of transition and clarity is available to us all if we are willing to look, and you might not have to look that hard. What are you ready to let go of to move forward? It's time to recreate yourself. 

The energy of Taurus can help us navigate this time. Taurus is good at teaching us about abundance, self worth, helping us to see what we value. Really think about your worth: what makes you worthy? Also, what do you truly value? Taurus helps us learn to be more on the physical plane and enjoy the physicality of our bodies and the joy of being human. It's a time to pay particular attention to the senses, and pleasure, and joy! Cooking dinner for someone you love, walking barefoot on the grass, standing out in the rain, giving someone a longer hug... all of these things are not only in alignment with the gifts of Taurus, but they will also help us survive the retrograde times. 

Be in JOY!

And... don't forget to make your New Moon wishes tonight. It's a good time to use that Taurus energy, wish for anything that involves pleasure, allowing more joy in your life, having more abundance, more sense of self-worth, being more clear about what your priorities are, etc... You can read more about how to make your wishes here

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