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Strawberry Moon
Monday, June 20th, Sagittarius, 4:02 am PST

Happy Full Moon! Happy Summer Solstice!
This is our second full moon in Sagittarius in a row... pretty rare. And it is the Strawberry Moon! This moon draws its name from our early Native Americans, signaling it is time to pick the ripened fruit. To ride the wave of this metaphor a bit... take a moment to think about what has ripened in your life? Think back 6 months ago to December 11th when the New Moon was in Sagittarius. What was happening then? What were you working towards? What was important to you then that might have blossomed into a reality now? And then think back even further, to a little over a year ago, on May 2nd, our last Full Moon in Sagittarius. How have you grown and changed over this past year? What are you now ready for? What old skin have you shed? What new energy are you now in? These retrogrades have shifted a lot for us over the last few months. And it has been a really difficult time every step of the way. It's good to take a moment and reflect back, to see how far you have come. 

This Full Moon occurs at 29 degrees and is opposite Venus, the planet of all things love. It also squares Chiron (all things karma)... so guess where that leaves us? In a ripe time to be exploring relationships! This 29 degree mark is a clear indicator that things are headed in a new direction, and will lead you to unexpected places. There is a fated quality to it, so whatever is happening in your life around relationships - trust it. This is positive!

With the Summer Solstice today in the sign of Sagittarius (interestingly enough, a sign associated with the winter months) it is a great time to look ahead. Where are you pointing your arrow? In what direction will you head in during these next 6 months? Maybe it's time to change direction, or maybe things are already pointing to a road you have not traveled down before. 

James Lee Byars

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