new moon // june


Rose Moon, Flower Moon, or Strawberry Moon
Saturday, June 4th, Gemini, 7:59 pm PST

Right now seems to be a time of "I don't know." This mindset can be used to your advantage, but just make sure you aren't tricking yourself, or playing down your own internal wisdom. But it really does seem to be a time to be in a state of curiosity, to really be looking, paying attention, discovering in each moment. Thing are shifting for us all right now. Big life changes, and if you have been open during the time of these difficult retrogrades then things are blooming for you in the most amazing ways! 

There are still three planets retrograding with Neptune (a very slow moving planet, be aware how it might try to slow you down) entering the mix on the 13th. Luckily Mars goes direct on the 29th. Until then there is still some work to be done. I did notice this last week how the planets are still pulling stuff up from the past to be cleared. A lot of stuff being cleared around sex and our karma with sexual energy. Pay attention to your dreams and don't be surprised if things are surfacing there. You can read your dreams right now as a map to what you are clearing in yourself and what you are facing. These retrogrades have been hard, but ultimately they are evolving us, and getting us ready for the next 5 years. 

Spend some time connecting this month. Connect to yourself, to nature, to others, to how you can be of greater service, to your gifts, to your guides... Connecting is really important right now. It's a time to create a bigger life for yourself, one that matches the size of your soul. Create a life for yourself where there is joy, and a sense of belonging, where you feel purposeful and fulfilled. These are all great things to make wishes about this month. Use the energy of the moon and of Gemini to call in this way of living, this way of being in the world. For more info on how to make your wishes, see here

Elizabeth Atterbury

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