full moon // july


Thunder Moon 
Tuesday, July 19th, Capricorn, 3:56 pm PST

Full Moons are always times of heightened emotion, as they can be more volatile. One of the reasons for this is that during times when the moon is full the sun and moon are in opposing signs. So this can create a pull within us, or a divide, allowing things to come up through that crack. Or it can feel like two waves crashing against each other. It is always extra emotional as we feel pulled in two different directions, especially right now with the sun in the sign of Cancer  (a very watery and emotional sign).  And we have the Moon in Capricorn (a very focused driven sign). It is a challenge for us to hold two emotions at once, especially if they are opposing. At times we can feel this conflict. But, today I have been thinking a lot about the opportunity full moons give us to see the opposite point of view, or the other side of the coin. They give us a chance to see where we are strong and where we are growing. To love something in another that is not like us, and perhaps that makes us love something in us even more. To understand a new facet of ourselves, perhaps that dark side of the moon we never see. All of this just takes us deeper into our relationship with the self. 

There is also a configuration happening right now in the sky between the sun, moon and Uranus that is all about holding two oppositions. This T-Square alignment is calling for us to have a willingness to look at our need for relationships and freedom. How can you have both simultaneously? 

It's also a great time to take risks with your creativity and in your creative practice. You will most likely be feeling a surge of energy right now around your creativity. Stretch yourself! Take some risks!

Sam Falls, Untitled (Copper Tear), 2012


mineral meditation

Please join me for a very special Mineral Breathwork Meditation.

This is part of a series of Mineral Meditations. This month we will focus on PYRITE. 
You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home with you. During the circle we will talk about it's properties, how to clean and care for it, you'll learn about it's specific energies and properties, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during meditation. 

Saturday, July 23rd
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Venice, CA
Space is limited / to reserve your space please RSVP to me. 
The location will be emailed to you when you RSVP.

Breath is what connects us to each other, to every thing, to all times. 
The Breathwork Meditation is a two part active, rhythmic breath that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience as it clears emotional blocks and stuck energy. It opens you up allowing you to connect to the deep current of energy that runs throughout your body. By quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. You learn to become a healer for yourself with the breath as your tool.


new moon // july


Thunder Moon
Monday, July 4th, Cancer, 4:00 am PST

How are you breaking free? I have been thinking a lot about freedom these past weeks. What that means in respect to my life, and the unexpected freedom that has been a gift to me during times when I experience great loss. 

This new moon is in the sign of Cancer, a very watery sign. It is an energy all about feelings, and feelings that are personal, not of the other or the more universal. They are about the ebb and flow of our inner emotional bodies. Water has movement, it is powerful yet fluid. I think about water a lot, as I am a Scorpio (which is a fixed water sign, it has the depth of the water, into the darkness and the part of the unknown, but it is stubborn and sometimes harsh) and I have a rising sign of Pisces (which is another water sign, but more of the physic and compassion of connection to others). How can I learn to be the water of the Cancer? The water that is personal, that is about understanding how to nurture myself, how to feel my feelings, how to connect to the flow within myself. How do I learn to not only embrace and accept, but to also ride the waves of my emotional body? That's what this time is about. 

This is also a time of release, release from wounds. And a time of freedom! Mars has been in retrograde since April 17 and it finally went direct on June 29th. This retrograde has slowed us down in many areas, but mostly I have noticed that it has brought up a lot of anger, frustration, aggravation etc... which I have talked about before. It has made our lives and relationships more difficult. BUT! It has also freed up so much of that energy in our bodies! If you have been allowing Mars to pull that energy up and out of you then you will be feeling much lighter and more at ease right now. And possibly some watery emotions could be flowing more easily. What have you broken free from during this Mars in retrograde period that has allowed for more freedom, ease and flow?

During these next few weeks try to focus on nurturing your emotional self. Find ways to allow yourself to be more free with your emotions, even if only to yourself. Take away the judgment and the restrictions on what you feel and when you feel it. How can you not just allow the bigger waves to come but also how do you not get stuck or drown in those waves, but learn to ride them? 

Don't forget to make your new moon wishes today. You can read more about how to do that here. It's a great time to use the energy of Cancer and wish about anything around the areas of home, family, self love, compassion, emotions, healing, support, or patients. 

Jane Dudley - Martha Graham technique Bennington School of the Dance 1938