full moon // july


Thunder Moon 
Tuesday, July 19th, Capricorn, 3:56 pm PST

Full Moons are always times of heightened emotion, as they can be more volatile. One of the reasons for this is that during times when the moon is full the sun and moon are in opposing signs. So this can create a pull within us, or a divide, allowing things to come up through that crack. Or it can feel like two waves crashing against each other. It is always extra emotional as we feel pulled in two different directions, especially right now with the sun in the sign of Cancer  (a very watery and emotional sign).  And we have the Moon in Capricorn (a very focused driven sign). It is a challenge for us to hold two emotions at once, especially if they are opposing. At times we can feel this conflict. But, today I have been thinking a lot about the opportunity full moons give us to see the opposite point of view, or the other side of the coin. They give us a chance to see where we are strong and where we are growing. To love something in another that is not like us, and perhaps that makes us love something in us even more. To understand a new facet of ourselves, perhaps that dark side of the moon we never see. All of this just takes us deeper into our relationship with the self. 

There is also a configuration happening right now in the sky between the sun, moon and Uranus that is all about holding two oppositions. This T-Square alignment is calling for us to have a willingness to look at our need for relationships and freedom. How can you have both simultaneously? 

It's also a great time to take risks with your creativity and in your creative practice. You will most likely be feeling a surge of energy right now around your creativity. Stretch yourself! Take some risks!

Sam Falls, Untitled (Copper Tear), 2012

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