full moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Thursday, August 18th, Aquarius, 2:23 am PST

In the last few years Aquarius energy has become increasingly difficult for me, so much so that even going into the energy of Aquarius for this post has been hard. My South Node is in Aquarius, which means it's traits and wisdom are ones I entered into this lifetime with, and I am learning the ways of the Leo (my North Node). Despite my chart saying I am so comfortable in it's energy because it is so known to me, it is a very challenging sign to me lately. So, this month I want to turn the tables on you. I like to do this every once in a while, to have you exercises your own inner wisdom on how the cosmos are affecting you. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself and sit with these next two weeks:
- Where can you be more flexible, spontaneous and social in your life?
- Is it hard for you to take a break from working so hard and being so focused? If so, try taking a break. See how it feels.
- What does it feel like to stop and acknowledge what you have done and what you have achieved? Are you too quick to rush to the next to-do, or are you always focused on what's next?
- Take a few breaths and focus on the big picture... what do you see?
- Do you sometimes use the Aquarian energy of the big picture to "rise above" any troubles or difficulties, pain or sadness? Do you use this energy to bypass certain emotions and truths?
- What change are you ready for?

Rebecca Horn, White Body Fan, 1972

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