new moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Tuesday, August 2nd, Leo, 1:44 am PST

We move into August with a giant roar from our inner Leos! Last month, and throughout the summer, we have had a lot of creative energy flowing through us. Summer is naturally a creative time, with all it's fire energy. This month we are getting an extra boost from Leo to release and express our inner voice and ideas out into the world! It's a time to be bold and expressive, to have courage and confidence, to radiate our inner light and strength! For some of us who are more introverted this doesn't come easily, but the energy of this new moon in Leo will make it easy to find ways where it feels natural to shine.

This new moon also carries with it energy to help us restart, to look at things that have been happening or things we have been focusing on with new eyes. It will help us see where we need to shift our focus, or come at the issue from another direction. Check in with yourself about the things you have been gripping to tightly. Ask yourself - Is it time to look at it in a new way? Maybe it's time for a new direction, a clean slate, or just a new way of looking at what's right in front of you.

Be brave this new moon! Express from your heart!

And don't forget to make your new moon wishes, read more about how to do that here.

Constantin Brancusi, Le Coq, 1924

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