A new interview is up... ten questions, five from me - five from Hiro, about our show at Regards in Chicago this past April. 
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HS : Echoing your question 2 – What is your relationship with the color black, or darkness as a medium, color, feeling, concept?

LSK : This really is the crux of the work. Even beyond the work, this question bleeds out into my life, and not just my life, but I think into life itself.

There is a kind of mystery in darkness, and a kind of possibility. In the place of no thing there is the possibility for any thing… for every thing! This potential feels so vital and fertile to me. In the darkness there is transformation and communion. Love is often made in the dark, it’s the time of dreaming and silence. It’s the place of the unknown. It has depth. In many ways I am calling for a reclamation of this word. Fear has been so embedded into it, when really darkness holds the most potent power and potential for transformation.

Van Gogh said about darkness, “One of the most beautiful things by the painters of this century has been the painting of darkness that is still color.”

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