new moon // september


Harvest Moon
Friday, September 30th, Libra, 5:11 pm PST

This is our second New Moon in September, often referred to as a Blue Moon. You can take a deep sigh into this New Moon in Libra. After the rough and tumble few weeks we had with the eclipses we are being given the gift of this New Moon in Libra! The main focus of this next two weeks is relationships! Libra energy strives to bring harmony and balance to all the relationships in your life. It is a time for creating a peaceful connection between the relationship with the self, and your relationship with the other: intimate relationships, marriage, friendships, family, co-workers, teacher / student... This is a time where things about yourself will be mirrored in the other, so pay particular attention to what you see in others, as it is just a reflection of you. The great thing is that this Libra energy can soothe and balance the places that feel off, or bring understanding and non-judgment to the things that might be difficult to accept. Libra is what will help heal and create harmony. It is really such a beautiful energy. And right now Libra's ruling planet is in Scorpio, so you can bet that there will be depth involved, either depth of connection or deep healing.  

This is not a time of perfection. It is not about the balance that is perfect, or the beauty that is ideal. It is about a kind of energy that is much more feminine, it's the wisdom of the female. The energy that knows what is needed in any given situation, that knows how to make everyone feel special and heard. It has the wisdom to know what will create balance that comes from love, or how to see the beauty that perhaps no one else can. 

We also have Jupiter aligned right now with the Sun and Moon. This is a huge gift! As the energy of Jupiter is very optimistic. It is a time of beauty, understanding, teaching and learning from others, harmony, connection to others... and most of all love. There is a lot of love in the air with this New Moon. With Libra being an air sign it is less the personal kind of love that exists between two people, but more a universal love. A love that is bigger. And it is with this kind of love that we can heal personal wounds and create deeper connections with those in our life. 

Also - don't be surprised if you have have some physical stuff coming up this past week. I think this is part of the fallout from the eclipses. Use this energy of Libra to nurture yourself. And don't forget to make your new moon wishes! Wishing for things that Libra energy can help you with: places where you seek more harmony and connection, a deeper feeling of love and trust, places where you would like more balance within yourself, feeling more optimism and love in your life, finding the beauty that is all around you...

Enjoy this time. It is a gift. 


full moon / september


Harvest Moon
Friday, September 16th, Pisces, 12:05 pm PST

Today marks our second eclipse, this one lunar, and the full moon in Pisces. In between our first eclipse and this one there has been some powerful energy in the air, and the eclipses are acting together to help us grow. The first was all about bringing things up! And with mercury retrograding = having things fall apart and break away. We are now in a time of feeling the aftermath of that, we are in the fall out, reacting to everything that has been happening. It's more of an emotional time because of that, and with a full moon, AND with it being in Pisces (a really watery, emotional, feeling sign)

The way that we heal all of these wounds and rebuild into something new is to use the energy of Mars, and the elements of Air and Fire. Through action is how we will access our power. It's through risk taking and taking a chance that we will grow. The challenges we have been facing (and just life's challenges in general) help us realize that we are bigger than we thought - stronger than we thought - more compassionate than we thought. 

Don't get stuck in the passivity of the Pisces moon, or the over analytical mind of the Virgo sun. It's not a time of being frozen or taking a step back. It's a time of doing! Let the light of this full moon light the way. Let it show you just how big your soul is! Just how powerful you are! Just how much you are ready for! This is a time about healing, but healing that is done through action. 

Photos by Sibté Hassan. Demonstrated by Martha Graham Dance Company member Xiaochuan Xie


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new moon // september


Harvest Moon
Thursday, September 1st, Virgo, 2:03 am PST

The days leading up to the New Moon and partial solar eclipse have been rough ones. There is a lot of tough energy in the air. I think it also has to do with Mercury going into retrograde on Tuesday and even the earthquake that happened a few weeks ago in Italy. I think some energy really broke loose, something deep and unconscious. The energy doesn't feel like a tidal wave, or a tornado. It doesn't feel like we are drowning in pain like it felt at the end of last year. I have been describing this new recent energy as silent chaos. It's churning things up and things feel out of control, but if feels so confusing because you can't see or hear the chaos (unless what is happening on the inside has been showing up in your outer world reflection, in this case you better open your eyes pretty wide and look at what is going on. Your soul is making sure you see it!). This chaos feels a bit more elusive. Harder to pin down and point to. And in that way it almost feel more out of our control. It's sneakier. 

What is really important about this time with the moon and the retrograde is that you put your heart before your head. Virgo energy is very analytical. It is sometimes overly mental, too many thoughts can cloud a connection to what the heart feels. Let the energy of the New Moon, a time of reflection, help you to get in touch with what you are feeling. The challenge is that this moon is in Virgo, which is so mental. Try as much as you can to let your thoughts (also connected to Mercury) take a break. This is not to say that you won't have thoughts, but it's just about listening more to what you are feeling. To put the emphasis there, and to be trusting your intuition and what your heart feels more as you move out into the world, and make decisions. 

So how do we know what is the voice of our heart and not just a triggered emotion from a wounded place? That's a tough one, and there really isn't a quick answer I can give you. But it is something to keep in mind right now. To be asking when you feel something: Is this the voice of my heart, or is this a triggered emotional wound? Earth and fire energy will help you to do this. Stay grounded, use the earth to help. And the energy of fire, which burns things away to reveal the truth. 

These next two weeks are all about trusting your heart and your intuition. Letting your mind take a break, not listening to thoughts as much or placing an importance on them in your decision making process. New moons are about going within, it's a great time to get in touch with what is inside. They are also about new beginnings. How do you move out into the world being lead by your heart? Where each choice and each step comes from that place. And remember, retrogrades are all about realigning, so there will be an element of breaking away / apart / down to rebuild from a more authentic and true place. So, we are lucky to have a new moon that coincides with Mercury going into retrograde. It's a time of the NEW!

Good luck! And don't forget to make your new moon wishes! You can read more about how to do that here

Merce Cunningham’s 1997 dance Scenario. Costumes by Rei Kawakubo