full moon / september


Harvest Moon
Friday, September 16th, Pisces, 12:05 pm PST

Today marks our second eclipse, this one lunar, and the full moon in Pisces. In between our first eclipse and this one there has been some powerful energy in the air, and the eclipses are acting together to help us grow. The first was all about bringing things up! And with mercury retrograding = having things fall apart and break away. We are now in a time of feeling the aftermath of that, we are in the fall out, reacting to everything that has been happening. It's more of an emotional time because of that, and with a full moon, AND with it being in Pisces (a really watery, emotional, feeling sign)

The way that we heal all of these wounds and rebuild into something new is to use the energy of Mars, and the elements of Air and Fire. Through action is how we will access our power. It's through risk taking and taking a chance that we will grow. The challenges we have been facing (and just life's challenges in general) help us realize that we are bigger than we thought - stronger than we thought - more compassionate than we thought. 

Don't get stuck in the passivity of the Pisces moon, or the over analytical mind of the Virgo sun. It's not a time of being frozen or taking a step back. It's a time of doing! Let the light of this full moon light the way. Let it show you just how big your soul is! Just how powerful you are! Just how much you are ready for! This is a time about healing, but healing that is done through action. 

Photos by Sibté Hassan. Demonstrated by Martha Graham Dance Company member Xiaochuan Xie

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