new moon // september


Harvest Moon
Friday, September 30th, Libra, 5:11 pm PST

This is our second New Moon in September, often referred to as a Blue Moon. You can take a deep sigh into this New Moon in Libra. After the rough and tumble few weeks we had with the eclipses we are being given the gift of this New Moon in Libra! The main focus of this next two weeks is relationships! Libra energy strives to bring harmony and balance to all the relationships in your life. It is a time for creating a peaceful connection between the relationship with the self, and your relationship with the other: intimate relationships, marriage, friendships, family, co-workers, teacher / student... This is a time where things about yourself will be mirrored in the other, so pay particular attention to what you see in others, as it is just a reflection of you. The great thing is that this Libra energy can soothe and balance the places that feel off, or bring understanding and non-judgment to the things that might be difficult to accept. Libra is what will help heal and create harmony. It is really such a beautiful energy. And right now Libra's ruling planet is in Scorpio, so you can bet that there will be depth involved, either depth of connection or deep healing.  

This is not a time of perfection. It is not about the balance that is perfect, or the beauty that is ideal. It is about a kind of energy that is much more feminine, it's the wisdom of the female. The energy that knows what is needed in any given situation, that knows how to make everyone feel special and heard. It has the wisdom to know what will create balance that comes from love, or how to see the beauty that perhaps no one else can. 

We also have Jupiter aligned right now with the Sun and Moon. This is a huge gift! As the energy of Jupiter is very optimistic. It is a time of beauty, understanding, teaching and learning from others, harmony, connection to others... and most of all love. There is a lot of love in the air with this New Moon. With Libra being an air sign it is less the personal kind of love that exists between two people, but more a universal love. A love that is bigger. And it is with this kind of love that we can heal personal wounds and create deeper connections with those in our life. 

Also - don't be surprised if you have have some physical stuff coming up this past week. I think this is part of the fallout from the eclipses. Use this energy of Libra to nurture yourself. And don't forget to make your new moon wishes! Wishing for things that Libra energy can help you with: places where you seek more harmony and connection, a deeper feeling of love and trust, places where you would like more balance within yourself, feeling more optimism and love in your life, finding the beauty that is all around you...

Enjoy this time. It is a gift. 

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