new moon / october


Hunter's Moon
Sunday, October 30th, Scorpio, 10:38 am PST

We are finally in the sign of Scorpio! My favorite, because I am a Scorpio, Sun and Moon. I once had an astrologer say to me, "You can always tell a Scorpio, they are the only ones who think that Scorpio is the best sign." Ha ha. It's true. And most Scorpios I know love other Scorpios. We have a real bond to those of our kind, as we are a deep, complex and often misunderstood sign.

So let's jump into this energy. That's really the key right now, jumping in - going all in. Scorpio energy can be quiet intense and difficult for some to feel. It's a sign that doesn't shy away from the dark, difficult, or unknown. And that is the energy we are all in right now, like it or not. So use it to your advantage and surrender to it. The more you fight it the harder this time will be for you, and the more you will be splitting yourself from your own wholeness. To deny your dark is to deny the other half of who you are.

Think about what is happening in nature right now to help you; Our season is transitioning to the darker months, trees are loosing their leaves, some animals are getting ready to hibernate. This is a natural time of going inward. This is a time where things are coming to an end and we are feeling a sense of completion. Take a moment to think about the things in your life or within yourself that you are ready to draw to completion. Metaphorically speaking, what must die so that there can be a rebirth? This is a great time to think about what must come to an end and what will be reborn, just as the phoenix rises from the ashes anew. This is something the Scorpio knows so well, this natural cycle of transformation, continuously dieing many deaths to be reborn again and again. This is one of its strengths, and how they grow. The process of the death and rebirth cycle doesn't always have to be painful. It is our holding on and dragging our feet that makes it painful and difficult. 

Scorpios are also very adept at seeing into the dark and bringing to the surface what is ready to be seen or examined. I hear an Owl outside right now as I write this. The Owl survives by being able to see in the dark night, to see what other animals can not. It can not be deceived and just like the Scorpio it can often see through any deception and find the truth. Pay attention to things you might have been hiding, from others or yourself. These deeper truths will have permission right now to rise to the surface. Don't waste your energy trying to hide or control them. See their surfacing as another opportunity for transformation. The dark can be intense and something we fear, but it can also hold mystery, magic and possibility! Those are the goodies of the darkness.

We also have Pluto and Mars bringing to the surface a lot of the wounds of the Feminine. And you can feel this in the air right now. There is an uproar, a trembling, like a volcano getting ready to erupt, of this repressed feminine energy. And not just in females, in men as well, as we are all made of both masculine and feminine energy. Anywhere where you have been shut down in your sexual energy, your creative drive, passion... anywhere where that has been abused or mistreated (by others or yourself), you better bet that you will feel outrage raising through your throat to speak out against any kind of oppression. Especially with Scorpio ruling the second chakra and it's opposing sign of Taurus ruling the throat. Taking a stand for the truth, and against the dark, is no longer a choice, it is a reality.

This is a wonderful New Moon to make wishes in. Use the energy of Scorpio to think about what must come to an end, and what is ready to be reborn. You can make wishes about just that - what will rise from these ashes?! You can wish to find the strength to seek and speak the truth, or wishing to have the courage to see into the dark, or about being ready to face and embrace what has been hidden inside you. You can wish about deepening your intuition, connecting deeper to something or someone, about igniting your sexual energy, or about finding the mystery and possibility of this time. Scorpios are very intuitive, powerful and wise. They have a depth of emotion unlike any other sign because they are unafraid to dive into the deepest and darkest of waters.

Giovanni Ricci, 'The Death of Cleopatra (detail)' (1525)


10 day

10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge

Join in on the 10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge. It’s perfect if you have been wanting to try the breathwork at home, or if you are ready to deepen your meditation practice. Each day a new topic and question will be posed to help you focus on various aspects of what the breathwork can bring up and how it can be a tool for you in your daily life. You will have access to both musical and vocal guided recordings of 15, 20 and 30 minutes in length to help you. Receive support from the community, and ask questions of me and each other about your experience. This is a perfect time with the changing season to tune in, look inward, and be challenged to hold a bigger commitment to yourself. See just how much can shift in your life in ten days.

October 29th - November 7th
To join in email me - lauren@fieldsofstudy.com

You don't have to be located in LA to join in. This is about helping you to establish a practice on your own at home, and supporting you around integrating it into your daily routine.

Photo by Claire Cottrell

mineral meditation

Join me for a special Mineral Breathwork Meditation in Echo Park

For this workshop the focus will be on SHUNGITE, a great mineral for grounding. You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home. During the circle we will talk all about this very special mineral: how to clean and care for it, you'll learn about its specific energy and properties, how to use it in your daily life, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during meditation.

Sunday, October 23rd
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Yogala, Echo Park, CA
To sign up or reserve your space, click here

The Breathwork Meditation is a two part active, rhythmic breath that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience as it clears emotional blocks and stuck energy. It opens you up allowing you to connect to the deep current of energy that runs throughout your body. By quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. You learn to become a healer for yourself with the breath as your tool.

Hope to see you there!


full moon / october


Harvest Moon
Saturday, October 14th, Aries, 9:23 pm PST

With all Full Moons we have the opportunity to grow through opposing energies. On Saturday our Sun stays in the sign of Libra while the Moon shifts into its opposite sign of Aries. This is usually why Full Moons are more emotional, because they are pulling your energy in two different directions, which creates a split, allowing things to surface and allowing you to see where you are disconnected. They can be difficult as emotions arise, seemingly out of the blue, but if you have awareness of the two energies then what arises can be a gift to help you see where you are ready for healing. 

Our Sun stays in the balanced harmony of the diplomatic Libra, lover of beauty and seeker of partnership. While the Moon moves into Aries, the masculine Warrior. With it's ruling planet of Mars there is a lot of energy behind you right now to move towards your desires! So, on one hand you might feel as if you want to be in places and situations where you find comfort and ease. And on the other you might feel like you are being pulled or thrown into situations where you have to be independent, stand up for yourself, or fight for what you want and care about (or you might notice eruptions of anger). This might make some uncomfortable, but it might be just the thing that some of you need to take some risks and move toward your desires with more force, direction, and purpose. 

With Libra being an Air sign and Aries ruled by Fire, see if you can get these two elements to help each other out. After all, it's Air that feeds the Fire. When you are feeling challenged, pushed or scared to take the risk and show up in a bigger way for yourself, use the qualities of the element of Air. Find a way to give yourself space or to see the bigger picture, to connect to something greater or to use the mind to be a bit rational. These two signs, although opposites, can work beautifully together if you allow them to. 

Sophia Pompéry, Lighting Up, Burning Down, 2009