full moon / october


Harvest Moon
Saturday, October 14th, Aries, 9:23 pm PST

With all Full Moons we have the opportunity to grow through opposing energies. On Saturday our Sun stays in the sign of Libra while the Moon shifts into its opposite sign of Aries. This is usually why Full Moons are more emotional, because they are pulling your energy in two different directions, which creates a split, allowing things to surface and allowing you to see where you are disconnected. They can be difficult as emotions arise, seemingly out of the blue, but if you have awareness of the two energies then what arises can be a gift to help you see where you are ready for healing. 

Our Sun stays in the balanced harmony of the diplomatic Libra, lover of beauty and seeker of partnership. While the Moon moves into Aries, the masculine Warrior. With it's ruling planet of Mars there is a lot of energy behind you right now to move towards your desires! So, on one hand you might feel as if you want to be in places and situations where you find comfort and ease. And on the other you might feel like you are being pulled or thrown into situations where you have to be independent, stand up for yourself, or fight for what you want and care about (or you might notice eruptions of anger). This might make some uncomfortable, but it might be just the thing that some of you need to take some risks and move toward your desires with more force, direction, and purpose. 

With Libra being an Air sign and Aries ruled by Fire, see if you can get these two elements to help each other out. After all, it's Air that feeds the Fire. When you are feeling challenged, pushed or scared to take the risk and show up in a bigger way for yourself, use the qualities of the element of Air. Find a way to give yourself space or to see the bigger picture, to connect to something greater or to use the mind to be a bit rational. These two signs, although opposites, can work beautifully together if you allow them to. 

Sophia Pompéry, Lighting Up, Burning Down, 2009

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