full moon / november


Hunter's Moon
Monday, November 14th, Taurus, 5:52 am PST

This is our THIRD supermoon in a row, but by far the most powerful! A supermoon, aka perigee moon, means that the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit because the moon's orbit is slightly elliptical. Which means this one will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. This is the most powerful supermoon we have had since 1948 and we won't have another like it until 2023. So, take advantage of it, and stay extra grounded to use its energy in healthy and positive ways.

This supermoon will be in the sign of Taurus, with our Sun in the sign of Scorpio. Both are fixed signs, meaning that they are not flexible and like things to stay the same. Because of this (and much more), all that is surfacing in our political climate right now will feel like a hard pill to swallow. Scorpio likes to surface the dark to bring it to the light to be transformed. Be the light! Don't go to the light to avoid the dark, but see the dark, and source a light that is greater! 

On the other hand, we can use the energy of both signs in our personal lives to great effect. To heal ourselves is to heal the collective. Taurus is ruled by the sensual and feminine Venus. Lovers of all things that bring pleasure: good food, music, beauty, comfort, enjoying abundance wherever they can find it. Now, that's pretty radical energy at this moment when you think about what is going on in our country. But! this lover of life and of living is really healing energy right now.

Taurus is also an Earth sign, so it is a perfect time to bring this light, pleasure, Divine energy into our bodies to be an expression in the world. Creativity is key! Think about the ways your creativity is asking to be nurtured or expressed. You might have felt it around you for a while, pointing towards a new idea or creative endeavor. It might be the thing you where you keep saying, "Oh... one day I will get to that". Well, that day is here. I feel so much creativity is about ready to erupt in our bodies! So much energy wants to come through us and we can help it to be made physical by being creative in our lives. Use the emotion you are feeling in your life to create something! Something radical!

And use the grounded earthiness of Taurus. What real and practical things can you do to get the ball rolling? It is one thing to have an idea, or a desire, or be connected to spirit. But, it is so much more meaningful, healing, powerful, and purposeful to channel that energy through the body and manifest it out into the world. 

Get creative!
Be in your body!
Be the light!

And don't forget to put your minerals, crystals and rock out in this light of the full moon to be cleansed. I like to keep mine out in the sun the following day to balance the female and male energies. 

Haris Epaminonda

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