A few months ago I had the privilege of doing an interview for the lovely brand Anaak! Their clothes are made with such integrity. Thank you to Marissa, Yasmine and Carissa.

Read the full interview here

— What was the most recent thing you read/ watched/ tasted that took you by surprise, moved you, inspired you?

The work Charles Atlas did with Merce Cunningham, the music of J D Emmanuel, the TV show Stranger Things, Werner Herzog’s movies Heart of Glass and The White Diamond, a yoga class my friend taught on the color purple, reading about Bletchley Park and the Turing Machine, teaching meditation to a seven year old, seeing my favorite film Uncle Boonmee Who Could Recall His Past Lives again on the big screen at an old movie theater, fruit on my kitchen windowsill warmed by the sun and the oppressive heat of the dry Santa Ana winds, seeing the most incredible sunset of my life on the beach with a friend. I have never been IN a sunset before.

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