full moon / dec


Night Long Moon
Tuesday, December 13th, Gemini, 4:05 pm PST

Hello! I know I took a break last moon, which I have never done in the five years of writing about the lunar cycles. I was traveling and needed a break, so I gave myself one. And I knew you would all be ok without a moon post ;) But, I am back and ready to ease into this Full Moon in Gemini. 

We have our moon in the sign of Gemini and the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a perfect time to utilize these opposing energies to make new plans for your life. I am going through a period of rethinking how I structure my days, where I am living, how I am living, what is of importance, what are my goals and what kind of lifestyle is in support of those goals. And just in the last 3 days I have had 5 conversations with different friends about this. It seems that everyone is going through a bit of reevaluation. And it seems we are all ready for a change. Sagittarius is great for helping you look at the big picture, because we are in a time where it is more than just rearranging the furniture. You might need to really make a huge shift, this could be literal or energetic. And Gemini energy is really great for focusing on the details, the to-do list, the who's and what's and where's that will help get you there and feel supported. 

This could be a shift that you plan for and work towards, because as we know sometimes real change takes time and practice. Or it could be something that happens suddenly, where you are forced to shift or make a change. Either way it's time to be open to it. No resisting - this just makes it so much more difficult. And if you are experiencing difficulty or pain that is a sign that there is resistance. So instead of fighting the resistance, accept it. Know that you are bigger than your own resistance and just include it, but from a place where you can be a parent to it, not letting it run the show. And embrace looking at yourselves and your life with new eyes! What can be possible in your life that you have never seen before?

The time in between a Full Moon and New Moon is a perfect time for letting go, as the moon lets go of more and more light in each passing moment. Try focusing some attention and dedicating a little time every day to letting go. Letting go of ideas about who you are... to make room for a kind of energy you didn't even know you could be! 

photo by Barbara and Michael Leisgen

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