moon list

I had the honor of doing a Moon List for my friend Leigh Patterson

You can read the whole thing here.

creative act:

I was only in the studio the first week of this month. The rest has been spent traveling and visiting family in Europe. I went to the Wallace Collection the other day in London. I remembered how important it is for me as an artist to walk around a museum alone and in silence. Especially one with art that predates the 1900’s. I got so inspired by a myriad of things that excite me about getting back to work when I get home. Things like how the chain that hangs the paintings from the celling looks against the dusty blue silk wallpaper, the contrasting marbles, seeing paintings in person that I wrote about in Graduate School, or looking for an abnormally long time at how the fur of a dead deer was painted. 

I just got so excited about Painting (with a capital P), about what it can do and about what it means to be a painter now in relationship to its history. I remembered how having the space to look and think can be a huge part of creativity.  

Knoll stacking stools, on the set of Heart of Glass - Werner Herzog hypnotizing his actors

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