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Needing some Paris tips? 

About four friends this summer have traveled to Paris, so I updated my guide on all my favorite Parisian spots - you can find them all on Free & Native

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fields of study interview

I was lucky enough to do an interview for Solful Health - talking all about Fields of Study

Read the full interview here

Thanks Kate!


full moon / july


Thunder Moon
Saturday, July 8th, Capricorn, 9:06 pm PST

We have entered into some big energy with this moon. For the last few months I have been talking a lot about the retrograde of Pluto, and during this full moon the moon will join Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, and the Sun in the opposing sign of Cancer will join Mars. This will create a huge duality, one that holds the power of an explosion, but if handled skillfully and not from your ego it can be used for a huge boost. Mars is all about passion and being in action, while Pluto dives deep into the underworld to pull up and reveal what has been hidden. The last few months have been helping to prepare us for what will come to the surface and the test is to see if we know what to do with it. This time is really all about moving into the unknown, and what we do when we get there. The test is staying, and not doing something to get out and back into the known.

I have noticed a trend in the air, something I recognize from a past version of myself. I am sure you are paying attention and your eyes are open then you are seeing the patterns and really looking at what your soul is trying to show you. Remember two weeks ago when I talked about how the soul wants to evolve? Well, it has been bringing you experiences and circumstances for you to do this, and sometimes it has to bring them over and over and over. So, if you feel like you are caught in a loop, or things are feeling familiar like you have been here before it's because you have. Your soul wants to evolve, so it will ensure that you keep facing what you need to face until you have the breakthrough with it. The tricky part is to not let the awareness con you into thinking you know how things will work out. We are really being forced to keep moving while being in the unknown. And you might not want to go where your soul is pushing you to go. You might be trying to change the story, or make what you are seeing mean something that is more comfortable for you to handle (aka - known), or mean that you get what you want. Be careful. Most likely what you want isn't what your soul wants. Remember, it wants the breakthrough that will break a pattern, and that might mean being a little (or a lot) uncomfortable. It probably also means - you don't know! Try to listen to the deeper story of what's happening in your life right now - not the one that has been on repeat, or the one made up in your dreams. But the one that is so much bigger, divine and in alignment with your soul. 

It is time to move beyond the ego - beyond the known. The ego is formed by the known, and we need it, we can't be without it, it does serve a purpose. But it's when we come from it what we limit ourselves, and limit our growth. The ego doesn't like the unknown, so see if you can catch yourself when you are coming from the ego, or when it tricks you back into the known and familiar, because it will. Especially as we use the energy of the Capricorn moon that wants us to be out in the world in a bigger way, it wants us to take a leap without seeing the net. So take the leap.

If you remember one thing these next few weeks let it be this - The test is staying in the unknown, and not doing something to get out and back into the known. Keep trying to stay, even if you fail, learn from that and try again. We are moving into something totally new!

 Michael Heizer, "Double Negative", 1969-70


women in sheepskin

Honored to be a Woman in Sheepskin for Milena Silvano.

Read full interview here.
Beautiful photos by Claire Cottrell.


new moon / june


Strawberry Moon
Friday, June 23rd, 7:31 pm PST

Happy new moon and Summer Solstice! This is such a beautiful, abundant, and vibrant time of year. I love the long summer days. Despite all of these summer joyful vibes things might be feeling hard for you right now. We have a lot of planets transiting and in play. I keep talking about Pluto's transit until the end of the summer, which I think is the most difficult one. Pluto is pulling up some of our biggest life lessons and is being relentless about putting it in our faces. They are not to be ignored. One thing that has helped me during this time is realizing that the goal of our soul isn't to just create a life that is comfortable and easy. It wants to evolve, and the only way it can do that is to be embodied and to attract experiences that will help it evolve, learn lessons, break karma, etc... And yes, all of this is in the name of a greater good and more wholeness in our lives, but it isn't without challenges. The soul really wants breakthroughs, but that means it needs to have something to actually break through, something to expand beyond. So, don't worry if you are bumping up against things, that is actually a good thing. And not all things that feel difficult are bad, there are times where we should not avoid the painful or uncomfortable. But, it is up to us to know when what is surfacing is in the name of something good, when it is in the name of becoming more whole, even if it is really really hard. 

We are transitioning from Gemini, which is all about thinking is is getting to know the self using your thoughts or your mind to the energy of Cancer, which is all about thinking it is getting to know the self through feelings and emotions. This can be a huge swing, and at times can be giving you a false sense that you are in the self or connected to your soul. So be careful this month, lots of feelings might arise and some of them might be leading you away from yourself. Again, it's up to you to know when you are being tricked. Which can be really hard.

Since we are in the sign of Cancer now, it's a good time to think about your home, or sense of home. And to feel into the ways you are nourishing yourself, or relationships and the things that matter to you. It's a good time to connect to your ancestry and heal anything around your linage (especially if that is what is coming up for you as a challenge). Stay grounded. Connect to the element of water. Be in action. Nurture nurture nurture.

new moon card from the beautiful tarot deck by Uusi 


mineral workshop / lapis

Please join me for a very special mineral workshop at the lovely
4706 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, June 24th
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

This workshop will be all about LAPIS, a very special mineral. Learn  about it’s properties and energies as well as how to clean and care for it, and how use it in your everyday life. You will also get a chance to deepen your intuition when it comes to working with minerals, and you will receive a piece of lapis to take home with you and continue to use and work with. 

You must RSVP to reserve your spot / limited space

click here to RSVP


full moon / june


Rose Moon
Friday, June 9th, Sagittarius, 6:09 am PST

It's a time of truth. Truth telling mostly. Whatever has been hidden is being revealed. So pay attention. Keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of Jupiter, there is a lot of forward movement right now, this sign has a lot of fire and direction. Sag's look to the future, it's time to take what has been coming up with the last New Moon in Gemini and what has been surfacing with Pluto in retrograde and move forward with that new wisdom. This Pluto in retrograde has been no joke. It is serious stuff. It's not a time to be testing the waters, testing boundaries or saying - I will get to it later or I think I'll try to make it work one more time. If you are getting a message about something or someone you better listen up. The ninth sign of Sag is all about trust, wisdom and understanding. It's the higher mind that allows you to see the bigger picture (differently than Aquarius), it incorporates broader ideas about how to better our community that involve virtues like integrity and morality with optimism and enthusiasm. It is a very hopeful sign. And we need that hope right now. 

I have noticed in myself that I have been being pretty hard on myself for where I am still growing and learning. And just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about lightening up a bit, trying to see how far I have come and when I fall off the horse seeing why, but also getting back up like it was no big deal and trying again. With this same friend I laugh at myself and my mistakes, make jokes about where I am still not getting something and this is the energy we need right now. It's not to use levity to look away from what our lessons are (you want to keep your eyes on what Pluto is bringing you - otherwise he will knock louder and it won't be pretty), but to encourage you to keep going - holding the truth but also having a sense of humor about it. Find some pleasure in learning and growing. 

And when those waves from Pluto hit take some deep breaths and be sure to not go into the effect of the waters what will most likely be carrying some energy from the past that wants to knock you into an old way of being. Use the energy of Sag to feel into the energy of your growth, the person you are becoming, and as how that person would respond. 

Pluto wants you to get the lesson. It has good intentions, although this time might be hard. We have until Fall to reap the rewards of its push, so until then, hang in there. Stay grounded. Keep your eyes open. Stay on it, don't wonder. Honor what you see and hear and know. And don't be afraid to look ahead, and be hopeful!

mono ha artist


new moon / may


Planting Moon
Thursday, May 25th, Gemini, 12:44 pm PST

We are in a moment of dualities with this New Moon in Gemini. You will likely feel the extremes - either lots of joy, lightness and gratitude, or the difficulty, loneliness, isolation that come with this moon. There is always a void created with a New Moon - and the void can be both exciting because it is full of possibility, or it can feel quite lonely and maybe at times a little scary. Chances are if you have been doing the work with Saturn and Pluto's retrogrades you might be swinging more towards the lightness that this moon brings. If there is still stuff to work through this moon will create space for it to surface (especially in the evening hours).

Geminis can be very smart, using their air energy and intelligent brains to connect the dots. Use this energy and ask what your soul is trying to show you right now? See if you can make the links and create an opening for yourself to make different choices that allow for a breakthrough with that clarity. 

Geminis rule the most flexible and mutable parts of the body: the arms and hands, the lungs, and nervous system. This allows them to move from one energy to the next with a lot of ease, and sometimes at the blink of an eye (this is why it sometimes feels like you are with two different people when you are with a Gemini - and if they aren't an evolved and aware Gemini then they will have no idea they are sending two opposing signals). But, you can use this mutability to quickly integrate new energy and lessons you are learning right now. When a Gemini gets it - they get it! It just clicks! I'm not just describing the duality trait so you can understand the Geminis in your life, but it will also bring the Gemini energy out in you as well. So, be aware of how you might have a gap between what you say and what you mean, or other places where there might be a disconnect or dualities in your communication, energy, and emotions. Another positive is that they are able to see things from another perspective, so if you have felt stuck on something use the air energy of this sign to look at the situation from another angle. 

You might also feel the itch to get out of town, shake things up, have more fun, connect, socialize, and create more stimulation! Enjoy this New Moon, I have a feeling it will loosen us all up.

gold Egyptian folded blanket amulet


full moon / may


Milk Moon
Wednesday, May 10th, Scorpio, 2:42 pm PST

We are in the energy of Scorpio this full moon, which is my sun and moon sign, so to me this energy always feels like home. But, Scorpio energy can be really challenging for some, especially with the extra intensity that is added by it being a full moon, and especially if you are an Air sign. If you can surrender to it, this moon will guide you to your inner Scorpio, the part of you that is connected to the unknown, the hidden, the mysterious, the part that is rejuvenated by the natural cycles of death and rebirth, the part of you that connects to sex, and the way you crave the depth of emotion and discard the superficial. But it can also bring up the dark and the shadowy, which a Scorpio does not walk away from or fear. They have a natural curiosity for these energies as they also innately hold the wisdom of how to transform them. Just notice where these qualities are being pulled out of you in the next two weeks. Let the pull of the full moon allow you to experience the gifts of the Scorpio. And if you see an opening to dive deep, go for it.

A few more things to pay attention to. 
Last post I talked a lot about the maze. How are you doing with your maze? If you haven't discovered it that's ok - it lives so deep in your unconscious it is really hard to get to, and the energy that runs it plays lots of tricks on you, it is very intelligent and it knows how to keep you trapped in the maze not only so you never get out but also so you never see it. But, if you have picked up on what the pattern is for you, the next step after just observing and catching when you land in the maze is to counteract. So, when you catch it and identify that you are in the loop of the maze, you have to make a choice to counteract. And trust me, it's not comfortable. And it might take some trial and error to figure out what the right move is, but the most important thing is catching it and then making a choice that counteracts the pattern. It's how you will get out of the maze. But, also know that you will land there again, so stick with it, this is an ongoing practice.

The other things I wanted to mention is a few important retrogrades we have happening. Saturn started it's retrograde on April 6th and it goes direct on August 26th. And we also have Pluto retrograding until September 28th. These two planets are really working together right now. Big time! Saturn will pop the deepest issue of the soul (some might call this the wound of the soul, some might call it karma). And if you are not dealing with that issue, learning to heal it, or if you are avoiding it, Pluto will keep pointing to it externally to show you you are not dealing with it. It will show you usually by putting it in your face even more, and it is usually negative. So keep your eyes open for these two energies working together. If something feels relentless, or familiar, and it keeps getting more and more intense and unavoidable, that is exactly the energy of Saturn and Pluto. Time to do some work. If you don't engage, it will guarantee a difficult summer until the end of August, beginning of September. Don't delay. This is part of your soul wanting to heal and it is attracting the most divinely orchestrated opportunities for that. Surrender to the path of your soul, you won't regret it.

Larry Bell's "No Title" (1969)


4 day meditation

4 Day Online Meditation Workshop for Anxiety & Stress

May 19th - 22nd

This is a 4 day online workshop to help you learn to work with your anxiety and lessen the stress of everyday life. We all know that meditation is beneficial for dealing with daily stress, but what we aren’t taught is how to deal with the energy of anxiety and extreme stress in a more engaging way. During these 4 days you will learn how to access other energies in the body to help you move through the anxiety when it comes, as well as use the breath to calm your nervous system. After the 4 days you will have practical tools to practice and implement in your life that use the body and the breath to help you stay connected and grounded in times of anxiety and stress. Each day there will be a mix of reading and exercises, as well as a 20 minute recorded meditation to complete on your own. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, and are able to share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience.

This is perfect opportunity if you live outside of Los Angeles, are ready to deepen your meditation practice, or if you need some support around anxiety and stress in your life. 


to sign up please email: lauren@fieldsofstudy.com
sign up ends on May 17th

photo by Claire Cottrell


fields of study

Fields of Study just got a makeover.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...
it did!


new moon / april


Pink Moon
Wednesday, April 26th, Taurus, 5:16 am PST

Two things I want to talk about this month during our pink new moon!

The first is something called "the maze". Maybe it is all the retrogrades we have had, maybe it is just the times and energy we are living in, but lately I have have my eyes and ears open to the ways I get stuck, and I have seen it in everyone I encounter and talk to, including friends and clients. What is the maze? The maze is exactly that, an internal structure that is being used to keep you stuck, in a loop, and in a pattern. When we get thrown into it by triggers in life it derails us from growth and overcoming an obstacle (either within or in front of us). It has been intelligently designed by the psyche to use the part of you that will keep fighting for growth, this part of you has integrity and such good intentions to fight and overcome what is blocking it, sometimes known as the dark - and when I say the dark, I mean both the darkness within but also the darkness in others and in the world. It is this dark aspect that has built the perfect maze for each of us to get stuck in. Every person's maze is different, and every person's triggers are different that land you in your own maze. And trust me when I say - everyone right now is in their maze. How do you overcome it and get yourself out? Stay tuned. But, until then just watch the for the triggers that set you off and put you into a pattern where you are disempowered. This could be a kind of pattern you recognize in yourself when it comes to relationships, conflicts, anger, love, work, health, intimacy, sex... the pattern is the same in all of these places, but there might be one where you can identify it more easily. But know that the pattern and loop of the maze applies to all situations. It can be helpful to be sensitive to the energy that feels like it repeats itself, a series of steps that is like a loop, these are the steps of your maze, the steps that are on repeat to ensure that you never overcome. Something like: A happens, then I feel B, then I do C, then I feel D... and then I am back at A again. They can be doing, thinking, or feeling steps. See if you can spot it during this new moon. 

So many amazing things seem to be happening for so many people, and yet they are experiencing it all from inside their maze. The first step to overcoming it is to just catch the pattern and when you are landing in it. 

Now on to this Taurus energy we are in for this new moon. There will be a natural time of slowing down. You will feel moments where you have some space to gain clarity about what direction you are heading and what is important to you during this moment of your life. Taurus is ruled by the heart and the planet of Venus. It is very down to earth and grounded, and loves the sensuousness of the physical world and all the pleasures it holds. While we will have moments available to us that will bring great clarity about the direction we are headed and the future we wish to have, this Taurus energy is needed to help build the foundation that will help us to get there - the ground beneath your feet. Think about what you value and what you honor, especial things in the physical world and about the body. Taurus also rules the throat and the voice. So now is a great time to be clearing energy there and owning the power that is held there. It's a great time to strengthen the connection between the heart and the voice, allowing your words to speak the wisdom of the heart and to be the voice of the heart. This moon is an opening to be living the beauty, strength and creativity that is inside us and to celebrate and enjoy those same things in the world around us.


mineral meditation

Please join me on Earth Day for a Breathwork Meditation.

This is part of a series of Mineral Meditations. This month we will focus on CHRYSOCOLLA. 
You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home with you. During the circle we will talk all about this very special mineral: how to clean and care for it, you'll learn about its specific energy and properties, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during our meditation. 

Saturday, April 22nd
10:30 am - 12:45 pm
Venice, CA

The location will be emailed to you when you RSVP.
Space is limited / To reserve your space please email :


april / full moon


Egg Moon
Monday, April 10th, Libra, 11:08 pm PST

With this Full Moon in particular the most important thing is to connect on a visual level with the energy the moon is offering to you. Go outside and find the moon (there are plenty of apps that can help you locate it in the sky). Spend some time just looking, and absorbing into your eyes the light and energy of this moon. There are messages in its light that can be received through your eyes. Listen to what it has to tell you about giving and receiving, about moving in cycles, about the receptivity of the female within us all. Open your arms to it. Let it be a celestial body for worship and devotion. Let it awaken in you a connection to what is sacred about your heart and your energy.

The more you can give yourself over to the energy of the moon the more grounded you will be this month. There are lots of energies at play, including five planets in retrograde by the end of the month. Retrogrades push a lot of energy forward, which means that to break out of the mold some things will have to fall apart. When things break apart hidden wisdom can surface. Open yourself up to this process and try not to control or resist. I know this is hard to do, but see if you can catch yourself when you are controlling, or resisting, or in fear - all of which stop the natural process and unfolding of energy or they just make it way more difficult than it needs to be. Life isn't about being perfect and not having weak spots or blind spots. But, it is about learning what they are, catching them when you are in them, and then making a choice that counteracts that habitual impulse that trips you up. Retrograde energy feels like a spiraling back, so you might feel old stuff is coming up, or that you are being hit over and over with the same thing. The good thing about this is you will have plenty of opportunities to make a different choice if you don't get it right the first time. In life mastery isn't about being in anticipation, it is about being in the moment, and asking yourself in each moment how to take the next step that will allow you to evolve beyond the known. 

There is a lot of Air energy happening this month, which will help you have perspective and be able to see the bigger picture, but don't let it take you out of the moment. There will be lots of highs and lows, clarity and confusion, ease and difficulty, etc... everything is intense this month. Lots of growing pains. But, keep connecting with the energy of the moon, it will help you open up and be more receptive. And be forgiving with yourself and others, support yourself and each other. It's an unstable and difficult time.

So much healing is possible right now, it is really an incredible time to be alive!



new moon / march


Crow Moon
Monday, March 28th, Aries, 7:58 pm PST

The message has been coming loud and clear - GROUNDING.  I have had many conversations with friends, clients, in meditation class, etc... about the importance of grounding. It's a word we hear a lot these days, and use a lot ourselves, but have we stopped and asked ourselves and each other what we really mean when we say the word grounding? To me, grounding is one of the most important principals when it comes to being human, or spiritual, and yet most everybody I know is so disconnected from their bodies (and even more so in the spiritual community). Being grounded is important because we are human, and we have bodies, and we need to be connected to them. If we don't have a connection to our bodies, how will we be able to access our own feelings? And if we aren't connected to our own feelings, how will we be able to express ourselves in an authentic and truthful way? And if we are a sensitive person, how will we be able to know what is our feeling and what is a feeling of another that we are just picking up on? All important questions, and the answer to all of them is - you guessed it... grounding. 

To be grounded is to be connected to our bodies. And this might sound easier than it really is. It often takes a lot of practice. Most of us have fear about being connected to the body because our body is part of nature and that means it holds both light and dark. And to be connected to the body means we must encounter our dark. And for some it is even hard to accept that there is darkness at all. This is part of why the spiritual world can be a bit hard to navigate at times. Because most of that work is about the light! Which is amazing, and makes us feel amazing, but it doesn't include the full picture of being human. And when that darkness is repressed it can come out in some pretty icky ways. Being grounded in the body is amazing because it allows you to connect to that light that feels so good and expansive, but to bring it into the body (not only is this empowering but this is part of how we find wholeness), instead of leaving the body to connect to it outside of ourselves. 

So this month, practice staying in the body. Connecting to all feelings. Watching what things trigger you to pop out. Or what events or people or places make you feel grounded AND ungrounded. Ways to work on grounding are connecting to nature, and the biggest way is to move your body. Moving the body puts you in the body right away. Dance is my favorite way, but there are others.

With this new moon in Aries it's a perfect time to MOVE! That is what this energy is all about these next two weeks. Aries wants adventure, spontaneity, stimulation, movement, and expression of the self out in the world! Aries also wants something to bump up against. So, if you are bumping and resisting, that's not gonna feel great. Just know that the bumps are there to create movement, and change! Go with it!



So excited to have done an interview with Sans Ceuticals (one of my favorite beauty lines).
Talking about the importance of criticality, swimming and intention.

Read the whole thing here
Thank you Sans and Yasmine!

On analysing or critiquing one's own work:

I think being critical is one of the big things Graduate School teaches you. I always resisted it when I was in school, I found it so stifling. Now, with some distance, I really see it’s lasting effect on me. For better and worse, it is a part how I see and do everything. I think it often makes me really hard on things I see people making out in the world. But, I also see how it helps me to consider and push my own work.

Criticality is important, it’s something I think we are loosing as a flourishing, creative culture. I think when we make something we ought to know what it’s saying and doing in the world beyond being an act of expression, or something of beauty. If you are an artist you have to understand the context in which you are making something. It’s important to look at things with a critical eye. It’s how we make meaning and understand the world. It’s how we hold people accountable to the things they make, and say, and do. And, more importantly, it’s how we hold ourselves accountable for the mark we are leaving on the world with our creations.

Criticality is what helps us see beyond the aesthetics of something. And while I think beauty is important it can sometimes be a dead end and can keep you on the surface of something, which, in the end, isn’t that interesting to me. Beauty isn’t important if I can’t move beyond it to go deeper.

We are living in an interesting time where so many people are makers, calling themselves artists and curators. More so than ever before. It makes me want to hold tight to some sort of criticality. Perhaps this is antiquated of me. And who knows, maybe in forty years I will have come to see that as artists it’s not our job to be critical and all we need to do is just make the art. But, I doubt it. I think as artists we have a responsibility.

photo by Yasmine Ganley


from around

- How does it feel? Patti Smith sings Dylan

- Proust, caught on film

- (this is a little dated... that's how long I have been working on this "From Around" post, but interesting none the less) A reflection of how behind the times America is when it comes to equality of the sexes in politics and positions of influence and power.

- Anthroposophy

- I am pretty much in love with everything Sans. I remember the moment I used their products in the shower, smelling them was the first time a product has made me feel like a woman. I can't recommend them enough. My two favorites are the - Hair + Body + Face Oil and the Body Exfoliant (that I actually use on my face, too). If you live in LA Passenger now carries it, which I am so excited about. 

- An Era for Women Artists? Incredible. A must read.

The Getty Research Institute announced the acquisition of Joanie 4 Jackie, a large, feminist collection of short movies and video art distributed as "Chainletter Tape" compilations by Miranda July in the ‘90s and 2000s.

- take a look at my bff, Claire Cottrell's amazing photos from the Women's March here in LA. And watch Zoe Ghertner's film from the march. Also, I started a new Instagram feed with a few women friends - with ideas, inspiration and news about activism - follow @ohyeswewill

- such a fan of Matt Paweski - we went to school together - check out his show

- a lovely portrait of my friend Caren and her husband Adam on FvF, by Claire

- wildflowers are in bloom in LA - stay up to date with the Wildflower Hotline

- a museum of the world's rarest colors - one of my dream jobs would be working here - sent to me by my friend Matthew Feyld

- Yvonne Rainer's film "The Man Who Envied Women" - this film BLEW MY MIND - I can't stop thinking about it.

Singing in the Rain
Young Americans
The Shorty George
Gloria Steinem
Into the Inferno
Training at Teatr-Laboratorium, 1972

to John Lewis
Alain de Botton
Show up, Dive in, Stay at it
2. Andante (Adagio)
I Lie
Silver Morning
Arabian Fantasy

Ron Nagle
The Art of Alchemy
Vija Celmins

Every Night the Trees Disappear
Autobiography of Red


Oblique Strategies
Uusi's tarot deck
In Love

obsessed with Daniel Buren these days 


full moon / march


Sap Moon 
Sunday, March 12th, Virgo, 7:54 am PST

Energetically, full moons are the most intense periods of the month. Part of this is because the sun and moon are in opposing signs, it can often feel like we are being pulled in two different directions, or swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other. I feel this a lot right now as we enter into the height of our full moon in Virgo with the sun in Pisces. This is a time of really learning to balance action and receptivity, really knowing when to be out in the world and when to be alone or resting, when to be moving and when to be still. 

For the last year or so time has been doing all sorts of nutty things. For one, it is collapsing. This means that we can feel more easily into the future, we are all becoming more psychic and intuitive (these are also strengths of Pisces). On the flip side it allows things from the past to surface and be cleared more easily. And it also is causing time to speed up, so things that it might take us lifetimes to heal previously we can do so so much faster. So, all of this might make you feel like a lot is being thrown your way, or pulled in all different directions, or just plain old confused.

It is important to be taking some solo contemplative walks / hikes or be in meditation this month. Because all of this is happening, and because we have the moon in the active sign of Virgo and the sun in the receptive sign of Pisces, we need to really discern what's going on and what to do about it. Because Pisces just increases our sensitivity and psychic senses the best way to start to understand what is yours and what is someone else's is to spend time in your own energy. Really get to know it. Be in your body (the best way to do this is through movement). Create a container for your energy. Being in your body and being grounded is the only way when you are out in the world and you are struck with or absorbing different energies you will know if it is yours or someone else's. This takes practice. So, start to practice now. The energies of the sun and moon and other planets are supporting this.

This solo time will also give you more space to get clear about what is important, what direction to move in, and connect to the guidance that is available to you. Spending some solo time will help you be more clear about how to move into the world from the truth in your being and what action(s) to take. Venus has also begun her retrograde, so this will help in any exploration of your values and pleasures. Venus reminds us that when we heal the personal we heal the collective.

This Virgo Moon can help you be thorough in your contemplation and listening. It's also a great time to get organized, on a more practical level. There is no coincidence to the term "spring cleaning". Virgo energy is great for sorting through things on a more base and rational level. We are also coming out of the winter months, and with the time change and blossoms blooming it's a good time to do any kind of spring cleaning that you feel called to do. We are also in a natural time of letting go as the moon transitions from full to new, letting go of more and more light in each moment.

Be still. Feel. Listen. Get clear. Make a plan. Take action.

MEL BOCHNER: Meditation on the Theorem of Pythagoras, 1972. Hazelnuts and chalk on floor. 17 x 16 in. (43.18 x 40.64 cm)


10 day breathwork meditation challenge

10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge

This is an online workshop that will be 10 days of different topics that will help you focus on various aspects of what the breathwork can bring up and how it can be a tool for you in your daily life.

This series of meditations will specifically focus on the eight chakras or energy centers in the subtle body. With your own breath you will learn to have a deeper connection to the energies that are held in your body.

You will have access to musical and guided meditations of 15, 20 and 30 min in length that you will do on your own at home. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, as well as share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience. A perfect opportunity if you live outside of Los Angeles, have been wanting to try to do the meditation at home, or if you are ready to deepen your meditation practice. The energy of the new year is starting to kick in. See just how much can shift in your life in ten days. 

March 25th to April 4th

to sign up please email: lauren@fieldsofstudy.com

( sign up ends on March 23rd )

photos by Claire Cottrell


new moon / february


Hunger Moon
Sunday, February 26th, Pisces, 6:58 am PST

We are always in a time of transition, but especially during eclipses! It is our second one this month and they always bring about great change and push us into a new energy. I keep seeing in my mind's eye the way a giant wave builds, crests, and then crashes back into itself, only to recycle the water to create yet another wave, and another, and another... There is something about this time that is moving our energy like this. Lots of people are talking about this being a time of changes, and endings and new beginnings. But, where does that energy go that belongs to the things that are ending, the things we are letting go of? I think this time is about recycling that energy. You might have felt in the last week like you are being pulled back into an old pattern, a familiar place that you thought you had left long ago. But, think about it in terms of the ocean, the way the water retreats back along the sandy beach, pulling back to gather more strength and momentum to move forward. I keep thinking about the qualities of black tourmaline as well, the master of recycling energy. It can transform what is unhelpful, harmful, draining, old into something new! Use the imagery of the wave like a map, a way to understand what is happening in your life right now. And use the energy of black tourmaline to help you recycle.

Our Sun and Moon are both in the sensitive, loving, intuitive sign of Pisces. New Moons are naturally times of new beginnings as the moon in void of light and starts it's two week period of gathering more and more light to become full. Think about the things you wish to gather - What you are ready to pull in? With all this Pisces energy we are supported to slow down and open our hearts more. There is an opportunity for forgiveness. Pisces has a tremendous ability for connection. As we transition out of the universal (sometimes detached) quality of the Aquarius we move into the more personal connections of the Pisces. This sign has an intense level of sensitivity, this sign uses the way it feels to understand others, with a deep level of compassion. There is also an opportunity with this sign to connect to unseen worlds and energies. Pisces are very telepathic, intuitive and poetic in their nature.

Use this time to slow down, find joys that might be subtle but deep, open your heart with forgiveness and compassion, deepen your personal connections to your inner self, to others, to the unseen. Use your heightened sensitivity from this Pisces moon to slowly reveal to you a new path, or something you have been overlooking. Things are changing, and we must have more than our eyes and ears open. 

Don't forget to make your New Moon wishes!

photo of my grandmother's abalone shell


in vogue

Check out my mineral recommendations for New York Fashion Week over at Vogue!
Scroll down to #11 - If all else fails, try crystals

Pyrite, purple fluorite, black tourmaline, and danburite.


full moon // february


Hunger Moon
Friday, February 10th, Leo, 4:33 pm PST

Get hungry! This is a time all about tapping into the truth of what your heart really wants. With our Full Moon in the sign of Leo we are in the energy of the full, courageous, passionate heart. The heart that is fearless! With other star and planetary alignments happening in the sky, as well as the lunar eclipse we are being given full permission to seek what lies in our heart, to discover what it longs for and what it can create, how it can express and how it can love fully! This last week or so I have been feeling the urge and getting signs through conversations with friends that it's time to sit down and really spend some time thinking about what it is I want in my life. What am I working towards? Since the new year I have felt a bit untethered and disconnected from where my eyes are looking. Feeling like I'm not as clear about what it is that I am working towards, or just not specific enough, and too consumed with focusing on the daily tasks, work, lessons and joys of living. Conversely, my focus has also been concentrated on things that are about a scope of time that is huge, like since the creation of my soul. Ha! So, on one hand I am living from a place so zoomed out with so much perspective, and then zoomed so far into the daily to-do's. I am longing for that middle ground. 

That is what I will be spending some time doing, and what I encourage you to do as well. Spend some time, even a few days thinking about, writing about, drawing about... your life. Your work and your relationships, your home, your success, your growth, your health, your family... I am really into this new idea (for me) of creating a life where I am moving towards something but in an open way where I am also discovering and creating as I am moving, not just focused on the goal in a way where it leaves no room for anything else to come in. I want getting to my goals to feel more creative. A little like being an artist, actually. With this moon, and the stars and the planets, this is a perfect time to be thinking about the future and what you want to create. With the Sun in Aquarius it lets us see the big picture, to have the vision, and then with the Moon in Leo we get to engage and create this vision from the truth that is in our heart.

We also have a certain alignment in the cosmos that might be bringing up some old wounds or feelings of not feeling supported. So if that is coming up for you, or comes up for you around creating in your life don't be surprised. That is coming up to be healed.

Happy creating of your life!


minerals for winter

Back in December I had the honor of writing a little something about minerals for my friend Caren, who is so lovely. She is an acupuncturist and has the beautiful healing space and shop in Eagle Rock, Window of the Sky. Check it out if you haven't already. It is full of treasures for lifting your spirit. And when you are in there pick up a copy of her zine on the element of Water, where you will find this mineral info and so much more!


The number one mineral I would recommend for the Winter season is LABRADORITE. This stone is all about magic! Don’t be fooled by its dark outer appearance, this stone holds a rainbow of brilliant hues as it catches the light. This is a great stone for assistance as you move through the darkness, the void, the unconscious, and the unknown of life. It helps illuminate the truth while protecting you as you traverse into unseen worlds. It strengthens your intuition and enhances your particular psychic abilities. Perfect for moving through these darker, winter months; helping you to go within, find the magic, and bringing the light.


MALACHITE - to help surface energy and deep emotion stuck in the body. Energy can get stuck, and when we hold on to it it can cause anxiety, tension, stress and even fear. This stone will help draw that up and out, allowing it to pass through your loving and compassionate heart.

ROSE QUARTZ - known to be a stone all about the heart, gentleness, relationships and love. But, this is also a great stone that can help you during the winter months to support your kidney function. By opening the heart center it allows for a release of stress, tension, and heartache, while supporting the kidneys and adrenal glands. 

APATITE - especially of the blue / green variety, will help during this season as things are darker, more heavy, and as fear is present. It will help you to transform your despair into hope, and your fear into courage. 

PICTURE JASPER - to reveal hidden thoughts, griefs, and fears so they can be seen and healed. This stone holds a hidden message or picture from the past that can help you on your journey of growth. What we fear and repress in ourselves can be a gateway for profound healing.

APACHE TEARS - for helping you feel safe to express emotions that you are holding, or that might be uncomfortable to feel. It is perfect for supporting you during any kind of grieving; grief that is current and even old grieving you have yet to do.

COPPER - is an excellent conductor of energy. It's an enhancer. And is also known as the lucky metal. This would be great to aid in circulation issues or to stimulate the flow of energy. Perfect for colder temps when your energy can get a little stuck from not moving enough and not enough heat and sun, and your emotions can tend freeze up as well.