new moon / december


Night Long Moon
Sunday, December 17th, Sagittarius, 10:30 pm PST

Oh sweet Night Long Moon. This is the time of year when early and long dark nights become a haven, a magical time to explore, a backdrop for ritual, a reminder of the deep work we all do to uncover and heal. 

This New Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, the centaur who is half animal and half human. Winter is a magical time to use the darkness of the seasons, and with the moon void of light we have a very dark sky, as well as a lot of it as we get closer to the Winter Solstice. It is during this time of year that we start to look ahead into the coming year. We start to think about what we have been through while looking to new energy ahead of us. We can use the image of the centaur, with its four feet grounded on the earth and its bow and arrow pointed at something in the future. It can help us stay grounded and connected to what is most true in us while we think about the direction we are headed. Because we are in a New Moon and the sky is very dark it might be hard to see to what you are pointing your bow at. It's important not to shoot too quickly, accidentally hitting something unintended. But, instead to learn to use the darkness, the void, to your advantage. This is the energy of the female (in all of us, not just if you are female). The male would want to see clearly what it is shooting at. But the female can discover in the darkness the direction to aim. It's a different kind of sensing, but see if for this next week you can be the centaur. Keep your feet rooted. Your body present. And your bow drawn. Search the night sky. And ask for something to be revealed. Something you don't yet know.

This is how we move beyond where we have been and what we already know. We have to go into the unknown, the dark night sky. We are getting ready to move into uncharted waters, new territory. As souls who have been incarnated into human bodies we are constantly seeking our wholeness. Having experience after experience that bring us closer and closer to that. The magical thing about this time of year is that on every level we are open to growth and expanding into new energy that this coming new year is bringing to us. That is what the whole year has been preparing us for. 

Before we move into the sign of Capricorn (which is about motion), use the energy of Sagittarius to help you see which direction you will shoot your arrow. 


full moon / december


Long Night Moon
Sunday, December 3rd, Gemini, 7:46 am PST

You might be feeling like you are high on vibrations right now, or feeling the low grade pull on your energy, dampening it, and dulling it. Most likely you will be feeling a bouncing back between both (we have Gemini to thank for that, ha). This moon is one that is triggering excitement, creative ideas, aspirations, long term projects, dreams of the future - all exciting things. But the energy of this moon can also amp up that excitement so much that it makes you obsessive, compulsive, reactionary, and scattered.

We have come out of a New Moon in Scorpio with its watery depth, into the Fire of the Sun in Sagittarius, and the Air of this Moon in Gemini. So things have gone from diving downwards to up and out! We are in some expansive energy right now, which is great if we are expanding wilfully and on the right track. Listen to new things that are coming to you, intuitions, inspirations, things that have occurred in threes. Follow these right now. It's a good time to make sure you are balancing your expansion with some more quiet times of meditation (whatever that means for you). Just to help bring clarity to what you are moving towards. It's a very stimulating time - one where we want to be discussing and sharing and experiencing and dreaming on such a big level! And the Supermoon will just add to that, it's really lighting a fire under all those dreams. December is the month of upgrading to what is possible for you. Just make sure you have the ground under your feet. This is exciting energy and it wants to burst! But try to find that place where you don't snuff out your fire, but you also don't allow it to burn you up and burn you out. 

Among other planets transiting, Mercury is in retrograde, which, like all retrogrades, will assure that your life gets an opportunity to reshape itself to be more in line with the growth you have had and the direction you are going. Don't resist what is wanting to change. 

Georgia O'Keeffe's home in New Mexico


from around

- was sick in bed and had a marathon of
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- talked with my dad about Venice in the winter and it made me rewatch Don't Look Now - also incredible 

- since I can't stop using the word incredible - and there really isn't another word to describe this piece - I will just go ahead and use it again... incredible. What Do We Do With the Art of Monstrous Men? Incredible. Incredible. 

- Think Big - Laura Owens explores what art can do. Wish I could see this at the Whitney, in NYC

- Also, if you live in LA and are in the art world then you know about this... a well written response by Laura about what has been happening

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- see the Lynda Benglis show at Blum & Poe - and Nevine Mahmoud at M+B - both are sooooo good! Rad women, making rad sculpture!

- also, I don't usually share about lifestyle stuff - but I have been fully obsessed with my Pratima skincare line. I used to use it years ago and then stopped. But, I just started again and my skin has never looked better. 

- did you know that besides my personal Instagram account - I have one for Fields of Study - AND one all about women and activism

- and I updated my art website a few months ago 

Haenyeo, 1952 / Photo by Kenneth H. Lehr


new moon / november


Hunter's Moon
Saturday, November 18th, Scorpio, 3:42 am PST

I always get really excited when the Scorpio New Moon occurs. Being a Scorpio myself I find this energy not only so in alignment with my own, obviously, but it's also just a very fertile, magical and exhilarating time.

New Moons are void of any light, being completely dark they hold the potential and forward movement of becoming whole and full, just as the Scorpio has the inherent wisdom of going into the dark to be born again anew - a New Moon is well suited to the energy of Scorpio. This is a time of new beginnings, new energy... new anything and everything. Even if it means rising from the ashes of something that has had a catastrophic end, the Scorpio knows how to become the phoenix that rises from the ashes. And this isn't done through determination or willpower, but rather the innate wisdom and trust that when you go into the dark and own it in equal measure to the rest of you, you reclaim the power of your wholeness. Instinctively the Scorpio's way through anything is to dive deep under the surface into the depths and the darkness to come out the other side. Death and rebirth, dark and light, don't have any negative or positive connotations attached to them. They are simply two sides of the same coin, a cycle that allows for transformation and growth. 

Scorpio is a very mysterious, and magical sign. It is like the alchemist of the astrological chart. In alchemy the goal is to take a base metal and transform it into gold. We are in an energy right now that can allow you to do this with anything in your life. Whatever hardships you are going through, whatever lessons you are facing, whatever you have lost or let go of, you can be the alchemist of your own life to transform all of it into gold, the wisdom of your own wholeness. You just have to be willing to go into the dark. 

If you don't know how this applies to you right now in your life, take a moment to do a small meditation and ask your soul. Close your eyes and picture a moon in the night sky over a lake. And then drop the moon into the dark water and ask it to shine light on what it is you are transforming. And then bring it back up to the surface and into the sky to reveal what it has become. 

What did you see?

Scorpios are very sensitive, intuitive and wise - they can at times be like a laser with the truth - so trust whatever came to you, even if you have to unravel the image a bit to get to the meaning. And also trust whatever is happening to you right now in your life as being exactly what your soul needs to become more whole. Try not to grip and hold on to what wants to be transformed.

With the energy of Scorpio in alignment with other planets in the sky, this is also a time of deep and profound healing. You have an opportunity right now to heal meaningful and intimate relationships in your life as well as wounds of the soul. Let this ability to heal not just affect you, but also think about the ways you can use your gifts and power to heal others.

Pay attention to the way you can move into exciting new energy in your life by being willing to die and be reborn, just as nature does this as it transitions through the seasons. Trust. 

Baumstück 9, Ricarda Roggan, 2008

holiday season online meditation workshop

Holiday Season Online Meditation

November 20th - December 24th

Imagine a holiday season where you aren’t focused on just getting through it, but on enjoying it and using all the energy that is available to you to stay more grounded, open, and perhaps have a breakthrough that will lead you into the new year! This six week online meditation workshop will help support and guide you through, what is for many, a very overwhelming time.  

Because it is online it means you can participate no matter where in the world you live. A new 20 min meditation will be posted at the beginning of each week for you to use as many times as you need it, whether that means meditating every day or once a week, it is up to you to determine how deep you want to go and how much support you need. The meditations are not live, so you can listen to it whenever works for your schedule and travels. The workshop will have all sorts of tools for you to use: breathwork meditation, visualizations, mineral information, etc. You will have the opportunity to check in and share with the group, and ask questions of myself throughout the six weeks.

It’s time to shift how we engage with the holidays, to be more open to the experiences and energy that surrounds this time.  


Sign up here

You are welcome to sign up any time during this six weeks. 


full moon / november


Hunter's Moon
Friday, November 3rd, Taurus, 10:23 pm PST

You might be able to feel the dive we are taking with the energy from this full moon. Last month we were in the energy of Libra - Gentle, harmonious, lovely Libra. Scorpio is now on the scene and pulling us down into the underworld. 

This is a time of tilling the soil. If you can get out into nature and actually do this all the better to have the physical experience of what is happening to us on an emotional level. Tilling the soil is what is done in preparation for planting, the work of creating new life. This is a time of moving the energy around, things are literally coming up and circling back down, breaking apart and healing - all simultaneously. The energy of our Sun in Scorpio is helping, as Scorpio is all about diving deep into the inner world and transforming. You might even be mistaking some hard times right now as breakdowns, but they are most likely breakthroughs with deep wisdom coming to the surface. In those moments listen for what message is trying to come though, instead of fighting it or holding on to the known. 

Scorpio is also about the richness of what can be found in the depths of our souls. So don't be surprised if a lot is coming up around death, grief, rebirth, life, sex, intimacy etc... Because Scorpio is all about transformation they innately know how to take what comes from the dark and turn it into gold. If you are a sign that has an aversion to the depths (a lot of air signs do), try to trust the Scorpio in you to go there. You will always come out the other side, and the more and more you do this the more you will trust going to those darker depths knowing that you will reemerge. 

Use the energy of our moon in Taurus to help ground you. Spend time in nature, cultivate your senses, pursue what brings you pleasure. Those things can really help you feel supported while you do this deep work. 

We have our moon in Taurus and our sun in Scorpio. Taurus will at times want to stay with what is pleasurable (especially pleasure from the senses, good food, a massage, beautiful flowers, etc...), while its opposing sign, Scorpio, will want to dive into what is uncomfortable (but holds truth)! See if you can get the two to work together, not letting the Taurus in you keep you from going where Scorpio is trying to pull you for deep emotional healing, but also not allowing the Scorpio to drag you through the mud and make you miserable. As a Scorpio myself I am guilty of this. I have a deep commitment to the truth and a love of the depth that sometimes holds me in a place of pain and sadness, and I loose a connection to feeling the pleasure of life and being nurtured.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, meaning they are not flexible and can be stubborn. Be aware of when you find yourself not being in the flow, gripping, or biting off more than you can handle. These are also some of the lessons we are getting right now - How to listen to when it's too much and to learn how and when to let go. There is also a lot of creativity in the air right now, so use that to help you create a new solution when the outcome you were planning for doesn't work out. Being more flexible allows for the unknown, for something we weren't expecting, but might just end up being more in alignment with who we truly are. 

Rothko chapel


mercado sagrado

Fields of Study will be at Mercado Sagrado next weekend in Malibu Canyon, CA.

I will have 33 beautiful new slabs to charge your water, some other minerals to work with as tools, some waters to sample, some 70's European new age music playing, an area to relax and tune into some minerals under the bog oak tree, some mineral monochromes for sale, and much more!

Please visit!
For info and tickets see here


new moon / october


Hunter's Moon
Thursday, October 19th, Libra, 12:11 pm PST

The Fall season is upon us as we transition into this lovely Libra New Moon. Libra is the master harmonizer. Ruled by Venus, with the scales as her tool she knows in the most gentle way how to bring everything into balance with grace and beauty. Even if things are feeling challenging in some areas, now is the time to trust the intention of this Libra energy, and trust that everything that is happening is all in the name of bringing you into greater balance, harmony and wholeness, and ultimately will guide you into some powerful healing. Sometimes adjustment periods or realignments can be bumpy, but the more you trust the energies that are at work the better. Everything that is shifting right now has a greater purpose, so stop fighting it and keep trusting. Libra's energy can help you navigate the most challenging of encounters right now. Stay grounded and connected to your heart. Speak the truth wherever you can. That is your power.

Margrethe Mather


full moon / october


Harvest Moon
Thursday, October 5th, Aries, 11:40 am PST

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that falls nearest the Autumnal Equinox. This full Moon provides the most light at the time when it's needed most - to complete the harvest.
- from the Old Farmer's Almanac

Oh Harvest Moon, what will you bring us this season? This is such a lovely moon, and a lovely time of year as we transition seasons. Last New Moon I talked about transitions, and with this moon you will start to feel the fruits of the new direction you are headed. If you have been working hard with Pluto over the last six or so months you will start to feel the bounty of new energy, new opportunities, new ideas, new creativity... all around you. The Harvest is about collecting the gifts of the earth that are a result of your hard labor, and love. It's the reward of what you have invested in yourself and your life over the past months (maybe longer). So take time to be grateful, pause to celebrate and acknowledge the work that went into the new energy that is now flowing into your life. This will just strengthen and deepen your connection to what is opening up for you.

Also remember, that Full Moons can bring with them some challenges, always. Because you have the sun and moon in opposing signs, so this can create some push-pull. But, it's also exciting because if you can learn to use both energies then they really can enhance each other and help you move into the energy of both of them more fully! This month our moon is in Aries, with the sun in Libra. Aries wants to take action, to be in motion. This is great! Especially with all this new energy in our lives, but be aware that the action isn't just out of impulse. You have to pause before you act and make sure it has purpose, and it isn't just for the sake of being in motion (a fault of most Aries). Libra is active too, but in a more social or artistic way. This energy will help you seek harmony and balance right now (supported by our days of equal light and dark). It can also slow down the action of the Aries, because it wants to consider all sides and be fair. This can create some tension. In the self, but also in different people. You might be feeling ready to GO, while someone else in your life needs to sort through and make sure it's the right thing. Libra seeks cooperation, so this can help to shift what needs to be in alignment to take action in the world, and the energy of Aries will help the Libra be more risky and learn to JUMP! when it is the highest good of your soul. 

This is a time about the masculine and the feminine, as Aries and Libra are ruled by Mars and Venus respectively. When they learn to work together they are unstoppable!

photo unknown


new moon / september


Harvest Moon
Tuesday, September 19th, Virgo, 10:30 pm PST

Here in LA the temperature is starting to shift, and I feel the transition of Fall. During times of transition it is always nice to stop and take pause, and reflect on all that has happened and is happening. Especially with the Equinox this Friday, this moon is marking not just a new cycle in its phases, but also within this year, a season coming to an end with a new one on the horizon. 

The last few months I have been writing a lot about all the stuff that has been coming up, the challenges that Pluto in its retrograde has presented us with. It goes direct next week and with it will come a flood of new energy (if you  have been doing the work). You might already start to feel it. I am overwhelmed with it in my life right now - it feels like a welcome change to the way I have felt challenged and stuck these past six or so months. If you feel this too it's part of the reward of the Pluto retrograde. It's the gift of the hard work you have done. That shift of energy that creates an opening in you, and in an instant, in a mere moment, can make you feel like you are being given a whole new world of possibilities that you previously could not have imagined. This time is about discovering those possibilities. Moving forward anew. 

But first, during this New Moon, take a moment and reflect on what has come before, what you have been through, what you have let go of, what perhaps you have stayed connected to in that letting go, and what is beginning to emerge in you. New energy is exciting, but it is also challenging in a way, because while it is a gift, it also shows you the places where you still need to shift to totally align with your growth. This is what transition is all about. So pay attention to the places you still might not totally be on board. And without judgment just ask yourself what you need to do to shift that place so it is more in alignment with what you are stepping into. 

Today would be a good time of ceremony. Whatever that means to you.

Today I am feeling very nostalgic, as I have been reflecting on a major relationship from my past that was a huge gift. Sending lots of love to this person and feeling so so grateful. Reflecting back to it is showing me how far I have come, how much I have grown, and how much I am now ready for in my life, all while staying connected to the love that will never be broken. I am excited to see what is ahead. Such exciting things can happen when you take a HUGE LEAP and follow the voice of your soul!

Wishing you all the loveliest of New Moons.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres "Untitled" (Orpheus, Twice), 1991 Mirror 75 x 55 in. overall Two parts: 75 x 25 1/2 in. each Installation view of: Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Massimo De Carlo, Milan

Supremely gifted minstrel who attempted to rescue his dead wife from the Underworld. Orpheus had been taught to play the lyre by Apollo, and such was his skill on the instrument, together with the sweetness of his singing voice, that he could charm wild animals and even cause trees to uproot themselves and follow in his steps.

Orpheus fell in love with a nymph named Eurydice and blissful was their life together until one day she was pursued by a son of Apollo, the minor deity Aristaeus. In her headlong eagerness to escape, she stepped on a poisonous snake, was bitten and died. Disconsolate, Orpheus found a cave which lead to Hades and followed Eurydice to the Underworld. Here his musical charms were so persuasive that the King of the Dead permitted the minstrel to take his sweetheart home with him - on one condition.

This condition was so simple that it takes some explaining to account for Orpheus's failure to heed it. Perhaps he could not bear to keep his eyes off their beloved object for a moment longer. Perhaps he wanted to share his rapture at birdsong and sunshine as they approached the mouth of the cave. Or maybe he wanted Eurydice to hear the latest lick that he had worked out on his lyre. In any case, he did the one thing he had been forbidden. He turned around and looked at Eurydice, and she was lost to him forever.

Orpheus swore he would never love another, and it may have been the steadfastness of this vow which caused certain wild women of Thrace to tear him limb from limb in a fit of jealousy. They threw his head into a river, and it kept on singing all the way to the sea.


golubka kitchen interview

I had the honor of talking about self-care for the lovely ladies of Golubka Kitchen.
Read all about daily routines, swimming, sweet potato toasts, and more... click here

Thank you GK!


full moon / september


Harvest Moon
Tuesday, September 5th, Pisces, 12:02 am PST

This is a time that, frankly, I don't know what is going on. Things are messy. I think with the eclipse energy and Pluto about to go direct on the 28th we have reached the pinnacle of some pretty intense times. And I think we are all being pushed in ways we do not fully understand. I know I sure am. So many things are getting more and more intense and I don't seem to know what to do. So, my conclusion is that it's not a time about knowing what is going on, but it's a time to be in the not knowing, while not resisting. I am a little nervous about what will happen for us when Pluto goes direct later this month. When it changes directions back to it's regular rotation I think it will cause some pretty big shifts to happen. So be prepared. Pluto is no joke. Take really good care of yourself until then. Try to stay in as much love as possible. Releasing any judgments. Having compassion for yourself and others. Being reflective without necessarily looking for answers. And gathering strength. I think the best way to do this right now is in nature. So take some time to sit in nature, asking it to fill you up with whatever you will need to ride the huge wave that is about to crash. And just trust. Trust that during these last six or so months you have been doing the work that will prepare you for the culmination of the growth you are going through right now, and that you have built the bridge for yourself to walk into the void, a bridge that will lead you to the new energy you are stepping into!

photo of a Max Lamb chair


new moon / solar eclipse / august


Green Corn Moon
Monday, August 21st, Leo, 11:30 am

So why is this eclipse such a big deal? Well, solar eclipses happen around every year and a half or eighteen months, the rare part is where they pass over in the world, and in the US we haven't seen a eclipse like this since 1918. So just on a historical timeline, this is a once in a lifetime event, especially if you are within the pass across the country where you will see a total eclipse of the sun. If you aren't you will still feel the energy and see a partial eclipse. Here in LA it will be about a 70% eclipse, which is still a lot. And amazing to see.

With a solar eclipse the moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. This is a big deal because energetically the female (moon) moves in front of the male (sun). And while, at least these days, so many of us are taking a stand of the female, to us this sounds amazing (and it is) - it's actually a very powerful and potent AND difficult energy to open up to. It's why so many people have been having such a hard few weeks. Pluto in retrograde has been breaking things down and bringing things in our face, while the last two weeks we have been in a portal of energy that has allowed us to have access to a ton of new energy that can help us break patterns and step into a profound new place. But part of stepping into a new place is stepping into the unknown, which is what the energy of the female is all about. And while that is super exciting, it can also bring about a lot of fear and resistance once we get down to actually having to do it.

Most of our culture is set up to favor the male - and I don't just mean socially, politically,  economically, etc... (although that is true) - but the male energy, which is the known and the mind. We all tend to favor the mind over the body, place more emphasis on the wisdom of the mind instead of the wisdom of the body, trust the known more than the unknown, etc... So as this moon moves in front of the sun and blocks us from that energy we are faced with favoring the energy of the female (the unknown) over the energy of the male (the known). Just sit with that for a bit. 

We also have six planets retrograding now. A lot! All I will say on that is that breakdowns allow space for breakthroughs. And I truly believe that so many people are doing better than they think they are. Hang in there! And enjoy the eclipse and all the new energy it will allow you to step into!

Calder sculpture


from around

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- I know blogs are out - but that's why I still like to blog - especially on this outdated looking one, which I have purposely kept outdated looking. in honor of that here is one of my favorite blogs. 

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Ambient 3 - Day of Radiance

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- My Buddy - so moving

- go see Theodora Allen's show at Blum & Poe before it closes on the 19th, it's really great

extruded bricks, Barbara Kasten in her studio


full moon / august


Grain Moon
Monday, August 7th, Aquarius, 11:10 am PST

We are in a moment of great change. Or at least great change is possible if you are ready for it. With this Full Moon comes a Lunar Eclipse, and in two weeks time we will have a total Solar Eclipse. The two eclipses bookend each other and create a portal of energy that is a great opportunity for changes that are beyond this lifetime. 

If you have felt things shifting under your feet in the last few months you are not alone. So many people are going through big big changes. But those are just the things we can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears. There has also been a great deal of energetic shifting going on, and these are the deeper changes that are at play for everyone. With the Pluto retrograde I have been talking about over and over, we have been pushed into the unknown. It has been getting us ready for this time. You can imagine these next 2 week like a portal, where you have the ability to access so much new energy and really make some deep changes, changes that you have been getting ready for for lifetimes. I know it sounds crazy, but it's real. You have to stay focused though. This Full Moon and the eclipse energy is really throwing everyone off. You might have noticed other or yourself feeling more emotional, erratic, tired, sluggish, etc... this energy is having a powerful effect on us all. But you have to stay focus and connected. It's like you are in the last few miles of the marathon. Let go and disconnect from those activities or people that are distracting you or draining your energy. Spend time connecting to nature, meditation, being creative. These are all things that will help bring you insight and clarity around the energies that are in play for you right now. You can be busy, but don't lose your connection to the bigger, deeper picture and map of your soul that you are engaging with right now. This is where Aquarian (moon) and Leo (sun) energy can help you. Aquarius energy will help you stay connected to the bigger picture and the Leo will help you have the courage and strength to power through this time making sure that you come out the other side with the growth that has been waiting for you.

It's time to move beyond the literal reality of what is happening and feel into the energy that is deeper, and more connected to the bigger picture. That comic energy. And that could be showing up in the literal experiences in your life, no doubt, but know that the energy behind what you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears is something so much bigger. It is cosmic. Divine. It is an energy whose greatest mission is expansion. Pay attention. The things that are standing out for you in your life right now are like clues, or markers, trying to show you something deeper, or they might be showing up as blocks to help you breakthrough and expand beyond the literal to something bigger. This is why anything that allows you to move beyond the literal is really helpful right now (nature, meditation, creativity).

It's all been set up perfectly over the last few months. This is where all the rough waters and challenges of retrogrades pay off. They break down old systems, things we are relying on, and allow for new energies to emerge. Gather these new energies and jump into this portal of possibilities! There is so much waiting for you. Don't waste this opportunity. I can't stress this enough. 

We have the ability right now to connect to energy that is usually harder to access. Energy from other cosmic planes and universes, wisdom from our past, and the possibility to use it all to step into an alignment with our most divine self.

Stay in tune to yourself. And jump! Allow this new energy to transform you! Expand beyond anything you could have imagined. 

sculptures by Brian Molanphy - These are fonts, fountains, or giant clams. The basic forms are the simplest geometric forms: the circle and the square, say the sphere and the cube. They emphasize, by means of contrast, the amorphous decoration of the mixed earth, the white earth and the earth tinted blue: idyllic colors of the waves that take the place of water in these fountains. 2011, Church of Our Lady of the River, Beaumont, France


Discovering Your Voice

Discovering Your Voice / 7 Day Online Meditation

August 19th - 25th

Imagine a life where your voice is connected to your heart, where your words carry your truth and power, where you can say what you actually feel. This seven day workshop will help lead you on a journey to discover your own relationship to your voice. With topics that range from learning to ground the voice and tap into the voice of the heart, to feeling the connection the throat has to the second chakra and birthing the voice inside that is waiting to be expressed - as well as taking a journey to past lives to uncover the source and help heal the wounds of the voice that you carry. You will also learn about different minerals that can support various aspects of the throat. 

This workshop is designed so that people from all over can experience the benefits of breathwork. Each day there will be a mix of reading and exercises, as well as a 20 minute recorded meditation to complete on your own. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, and are able to share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience. Long time breathers and those new to breathwork are equally welcome. 

You can start with the group on the 19th, or if your schedule doesn't allow you can start a few days after. You can even sign up and do it weeks after if you are ok to be doing it without the group. I will still be available for questions and support. 

/ $48

Sign up here


new moon / july


Thunder Moon 
Sunday, July 23rd, Leo, 2:46 am PST

August is our biggest month of change all year, there are a handful of planets that will be going direct, there will be eclipses, and we get not one, but two new moons in Leo! That is a lot of energy coming our way. How can we use it?

First, remember my broken record reminder about Pluto in retrograde. It has been preparing us, and whatever you still aren't getting it will be hitting you on the head hard! See these rough waters and big waves as opportunities for growth, because that's what they are. It's your soul wanting to evolve. So get with it, see the big picture, stop coming from a place of ego, wanting to hold on to old ways, old ideas, old energies, etc... step into the new. And part of being in the new is being in the unknown. Stay aware of when you are falling back into the known, or coming from the ego, or doing something to get you out of staying in the unknown. Stay. Stay. Stay. That is what you have to do. And you better bet it is uncomfortable. That's how you know you are right on track.

With this rush of energy from Leo you might feel a boost! Or you could be feeling like you just got swept under another wave. If you feel the later, reread the paragraph above. If you are feeling a boost, then roll with it! We are no longer in the mental clarity of Gemini, or the emotional vibes of Cancer. Leo is all about the instinctual, it's about being empowered and being seen! A ton of creative energy is available to you right now. Think about how to use what you've got to be empowered, even to empower yourself in a situation where you feel completely disempowered. This could come from being creative, creativity is a great tool to use those energies so they don't end up using you. Think of creative ways to get yourself out from under the rock, or from behind the curtain. It doesn't have to look like how everyone else is doing it. Check in with yourself, you will know if it is a big shift / triumph or not. Sometimes the biggest wins are undetectable by anyone but yourself. 

Leo energy is all about the heart, being courageous, being seen, being passionate, feeling your power and greatness as an individual, magnificent, and radiant! Do what you can to step into this energy. Work with what tools you have and think of creative ways you can express your inner Leo for these next two weeks. 

New Moon's are also all about drawing in energy, so this is a great time to draw into your life any of the Leo energies you this will help you on your journey of growth. Growth is different than comfort. ;)

sculpture by Alma Allen 



Fields of Study now has a 


There is a beautiful first collection of mineral slabs to charge your water.

Making a specific mineral charged water is a wonderful way to get the healing effects and integrate the energy of a specific mineral or crystal into your physical and energetic body. When you make a mineral or crystal water the information contained in the rocks transfers to the water, so you receive the healing effects on a deep, cellular and vibrational level.

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LSK paris guide

Needing some Paris tips? 

About four friends this summer have traveled to Paris, so I updated my guide on all my favorite Parisian spots - you can find them all on Free & Native

Merci Lacy!

fields of study interview

I was lucky enough to do an interview for Solful Health - talking all about Fields of Study

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full moon / july


Thunder Moon
Saturday, July 8th, Capricorn, 9:06 pm PST

We have entered into some big energy with this moon. For the last few months I have been talking a lot about the retrograde of Pluto, and during this full moon the moon will join Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, and the Sun in the opposing sign of Cancer will join Mars. This will create a huge duality, one that holds the power of an explosion, but if handled skillfully and not from your ego it can be used for a huge boost. Mars is all about passion and being in action, while Pluto dives deep into the underworld to pull up and reveal what has been hidden. The last few months have been helping to prepare us for what will come to the surface and the test is to see if we know what to do with it. This time is really all about moving into the unknown, and what we do when we get there. The test is staying, and not doing something to get out and back into the known.

I have noticed a trend in the air, something I recognize from a past version of myself. I am sure you are paying attention and your eyes are open then you are seeing the patterns and really looking at what your soul is trying to show you. Remember two weeks ago when I talked about how the soul wants to evolve? Well, it has been bringing you experiences and circumstances for you to do this, and sometimes it has to bring them over and over and over. So, if you feel like you are caught in a loop, or things are feeling familiar like you have been here before it's because you have. Your soul wants to evolve, so it will ensure that you keep facing what you need to face until you have the breakthrough with it. The tricky part is to not let the awareness con you into thinking you know how things will work out. We are really being forced to keep moving while being in the unknown. And you might not want to go where your soul is pushing you to go. You might be trying to change the story, or make what you are seeing mean something that is more comfortable for you to handle (aka - known), or mean that you get what you want. Be careful. Most likely what you want isn't what your soul wants. Remember, it wants the breakthrough that will break a pattern, and that might mean being a little (or a lot) uncomfortable. It probably also means - you don't know! Try to listen to the deeper story of what's happening in your life right now - not the one that has been on repeat, or the one made up in your dreams. But the one that is so much bigger, divine and in alignment with your soul. 

It is time to move beyond the ego - beyond the known. The ego is formed by the known, and we need it, we can't be without it, it does serve a purpose. But it's when we come from it what we limit ourselves, and limit our growth. The ego doesn't like the unknown, so see if you can catch yourself when you are coming from the ego, or when it tricks you back into the known and familiar, because it will. Especially as we use the energy of the Capricorn moon that wants us to be out in the world in a bigger way, it wants us to take a leap without seeing the net. So take the leap.

If you remember one thing these next few weeks let it be this - The test is staying in the unknown, and not doing something to get out and back into the known. Keep trying to stay, even if you fail, learn from that and try again. We are moving into something totally new!

 Michael Heizer, "Double Negative", 1969-70


women in sheepskin

Honored to be a Woman in Sheepskin for Milena Silvano.

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Beautiful photos by Claire Cottrell.