full moon // december


Wolf Moon
Thursday, January 12th, Cancer, 3:34 am PST

Oh, how I love the sign of Cancer. As a water sign myself, I feel such a connection to the sign of Cancer, it helps keep me open, optimistic, and loving in a nurturing way as a Scorpio. Cancer is the archetype of the Mother, the one who nurtures and protects, guides and nourishes (the triggered Cancer can often have a hard shell or reactive claws). This sign is the only one in the zodiac ruled by the Moon, and just as the moon does in its cycles, this sign can wax and wane with emotion, like the tide as it swells and retreats. Being in this full moon of Cancer you can bet that you will feel watery and receptive. Just as the water flows in a river - around the rock, around the bend - this sign knows how to adapt to its circumstances, while reading the environment, it is awake and open to its surroundings. This is partly what helps the Cancer be able to read people and what makes them a bit psychic; they pick up on energy, often absorbing it like a sponge to process and understand themselves and others better. Their motto : I feel therefore I am. They know how to read what you need without asking, they know how to nurture and provide whatever is needed to make you feel safe and protected, understood and loved. They are also very connected to their homes, their roots and their ancestors. Don't be surprised if you are feeling a lot of emotion arise around this full moon, are feeling extra sensitive, or even feeling the need to connect more to your home and your community. You could also feel the flip side, feeling challenged and triggered in these areas (don't retreat inwards!). Most likely if that is the case it means your soul is trying to point you to an area that needs healing. It is trying to show you a place where you might be off balance or need clearing to come back into a healthy alignment. 

We are also in a very special time where no planets are retrograding! That is very rare. And it means that there is space for things to surface, things that need healing. And it's not that they are surfacing because they are being triggered (which is what a retrograde does, it pushes things up by creating more of a split), most likely it will feel as if they are just floating to the surface to be released. The difficulty will only come if you resist letting them go, either out of wanting to hold on or wanting to repress. So, be aware as things come up - ask yourself if it is something that you just have to surrender to - an energy that is clearing itself. 

I still feel we are in a time of facing in ourselves things that have been repressed, things we judge, hide, fear... you can see it on the planet happening all around. This same thing is happening within us. There was an opening on the 21st, a new energy that has been activated and it is helping us connect more to the feminine wisdom of the Mother earth, and with this Cancer moon in the mix it will be such a help. Now as darkness arises the energy of the moon will help you more easily connect to the wisdom of the female (in men and women, this energy exists in every human), an energy that will help you say No to the dark with the compassion and love for your true self and the true self of the other. This No comes without judgment or separation. 

Stay connected to your heart. Try to find some kind of grounding practice so you don't get swept away with the tide of emotion. Have compassion for yourself and others. Use your heightened sensitivity and intuition to feel into the deeper layer of your experience and the experience of others. This will help you know what the situation needs - to create comfort, healing, compassion and openness of the heart. 

I also keep getting the feeling that touch is so important now - that the body is so open, sensitive and receptive to touch. Tune into your skin and the energy it can receive or read from those who touch it. See what energy is in your hands to give in return. To feel is one of the gifts of being human.

Robert Barry, Untitled. 1976

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