new moon // january


Wolf Moon 
Friday, January 27th, Aquarius, 4:07 pm PST

Full steam ahead - some are saying. But, I have to say, I don't feel it yet. I think come March we will really be feeling the momentum and forward movement of this new year. Right now it's about getting ready. I think we can use this Aquarian energy with the Sun and the Moon to see the bigger picture. This is where the Aquarian gets to shine. They know how to pull back and see all that is at play, all the aspects and how they fit together, and also how they can all move together into the future in a collective way. The Aquarians really are brilliant visionaries, often great humanitarians, and caretakers of the collective. They can bring us together and help us to work together. 

This is really important if you think about what has been coming up since last Fall, as we surface our own dark and split, we can see where we are divided, both in our personal lives but also in politics. I have had lots of conversations with people who are asking the question of - Now what? I can see people who are getting stuck in the loop of shock and upset, but don't necessarily know how to get out of the specifics to see the greater view and look ahead at where we need to go with all this. This is what the energy of Aquarius can help you do. I can't tell you what that direction is, it is up to you to find the answer for yourself, based on your heart, your gifts, you specific abilities. We all have a responsibility right now, both within ourselves and out in the world, and we must move forward together, but the ways in which we do this don't need to be the same. This is where you get to tap into your unique talent, or quality that makes you special and needed in this moment.

Don't get stuck in the specifics. The triggers. The reactions. It's a time to pull back and respond in a bigger way to move forward into an energy that is greater than where we are right now. Aquarius is about freedom! How do we each create a feeling a freedom that isn't just about the individual, but that includes the collective?

photo by Claire Cottrell, Jan 21, 2017

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