full moon // february


Hunger Moon
Friday, February 10th, Leo, 4:33 pm PST

Get hungry! This is a time all about tapping into the truth of what your heart really wants. With our Full Moon in the sign of Leo we are in the energy of the full, courageous, passionate heart. The heart that is fearless! With other star and planetary alignments happening in the sky, as well as the lunar eclipse we are being given full permission to seek what lies in our heart, to discover what it longs for and what it can create, how it can express and how it can love fully! This last week or so I have been feeling the urge and getting signs through conversations with friends that it's time to sit down and really spend some time thinking about what it is I want in my life. What am I working towards? Since the new year I have felt a bit untethered and disconnected from where my eyes are looking. Feeling like I'm not as clear about what it is that I am working towards, or just not specific enough, and too consumed with focusing on the daily tasks, work, lessons and joys of living. Conversely, my focus has also been concentrated on things that are about a scope of time that is huge, like since the creation of my soul. Ha! So, on one hand I am living from a place so zoomed out with so much perspective, and then zoomed so far into the daily to-do's. I am longing for that middle ground. 

That is what I will be spending some time doing, and what I encourage you to do as well. Spend some time, even a few days thinking about, writing about, drawing about... your life. Your work and your relationships, your home, your success, your growth, your health, your family... I am really into this new idea (for me) of creating a life where I am moving towards something but in an open way where I am also discovering and creating as I am moving, not just focused on the goal in a way where it leaves no room for anything else to come in. I want getting to my goals to feel more creative. A little like being an artist, actually. With this moon, and the stars and the planets, this is a perfect time to be thinking about the future and what you want to create. With the Sun in Aquarius it lets us see the big picture, to have the vision, and then with the Moon in Leo we get to engage and create this vision from the truth that is in our heart.

We also have a certain alignment in the cosmos that might be bringing up some old wounds or feelings of not feeling supported. So if that is coming up for you, or comes up for you around creating in your life don't be surprised. That is coming up to be healed.

Happy creating of your life!

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