minerals for winter

Back in December I had the honor of writing a little something about minerals for my friend Caren, who is so lovely. She is an acupuncturist and has the beautiful healing space and shop in Eagle Rock, Window of the Sky. Check it out if you haven't already. It is full of treasures for lifting your spirit. And when you are in there pick up a copy of her zine on the element of Water, where you will find this mineral info and so much more!


The number one mineral I would recommend for the Winter season is LABRADORITE. This stone is all about magic! Don’t be fooled by its dark outer appearance, this stone holds a rainbow of brilliant hues as it catches the light. This is a great stone for assistance as you move through the darkness, the void, the unconscious, and the unknown of life. It helps illuminate the truth while protecting you as you traverse into unseen worlds. It strengthens your intuition and enhances your particular psychic abilities. Perfect for moving through these darker, winter months; helping you to go within, find the magic, and bringing the light.


MALACHITE - to help surface energy and deep emotion stuck in the body. Energy can get stuck, and when we hold on to it it can cause anxiety, tension, stress and even fear. This stone will help draw that up and out, allowing it to pass through your loving and compassionate heart.

ROSE QUARTZ - known to be a stone all about the heart, gentleness, relationships and love. But, this is also a great stone that can help you during the winter months to support your kidney function. By opening the heart center it allows for a release of stress, tension, and heartache, while supporting the kidneys and adrenal glands. 

APATITE - especially of the blue / green variety, will help during this season as things are darker, more heavy, and as fear is present. It will help you to transform your despair into hope, and your fear into courage. 

PICTURE JASPER - to reveal hidden thoughts, griefs, and fears so they can be seen and healed. This stone holds a hidden message or picture from the past that can help you on your journey of growth. What we fear and repress in ourselves can be a gateway for profound healing.

APACHE TEARS - for helping you feel safe to express emotions that you are holding, or that might be uncomfortable to feel. It is perfect for supporting you during any kind of grieving; grief that is current and even old grieving you have yet to do.

COPPER - is an excellent conductor of energy. It's an enhancer. And is also known as the lucky metal. This would be great to aid in circulation issues or to stimulate the flow of energy. Perfect for colder temps when your energy can get a little stuck from not moving enough and not enough heat and sun, and your emotions can tend freeze up as well. 

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