new moon / february


Hunger Moon
Sunday, February 26th, Pisces, 6:58 am PST

We are always in a time of transition, but especially during eclipses! It is our second one this month and they always bring about great change and push us into a new energy. I keep seeing in my mind's eye the way a giant wave builds, crests, and then crashes back into itself, only to recycle the water to create yet another wave, and another, and another... There is something about this time that is moving our energy like this. Lots of people are talking about this being a time of changes, and endings and new beginnings. But, where does that energy go that belongs to the things that are ending, the things we are letting go of? I think this time is about recycling that energy. You might have felt in the last week like you are being pulled back into an old pattern, a familiar place that you thought you had left long ago. But, think about it in terms of the ocean, the way the water retreats back along the sandy beach, pulling back to gather more strength and momentum to move forward. I keep thinking about the qualities of black tourmaline as well, the master of recycling energy. It can transform what is unhelpful, harmful, draining, old into something new! Use the imagery of the wave like a map, a way to understand what is happening in your life right now. And use the energy of black tourmaline to help you recycle.

Our Sun and Moon are both in the sensitive, loving, intuitive sign of Pisces. New Moons are naturally times of new beginnings as the moon in void of light and starts it's two week period of gathering more and more light to become full. Think about the things you wish to gather - What you are ready to pull in? With all this Pisces energy we are supported to slow down and open our hearts more. There is an opportunity for forgiveness. Pisces has a tremendous ability for connection. As we transition out of the universal (sometimes detached) quality of the Aquarius we move into the more personal connections of the Pisces. This sign has an intense level of sensitivity, this sign uses the way it feels to understand others, with a deep level of compassion. There is also an opportunity with this sign to connect to unseen worlds and energies. Pisces are very telepathic, intuitive and poetic in their nature.

Use this time to slow down, find joys that might be subtle but deep, open your heart with forgiveness and compassion, deepen your personal connections to your inner self, to others, to the unseen. Use your heightened sensitivity from this Pisces moon to slowly reveal to you a new path, or something you have been overlooking. Things are changing, and we must have more than our eyes and ears open. 

Don't forget to make your New Moon wishes!

photo of my grandmother's abalone shell

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