10 day breathwork meditation challenge

10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge

This is an online workshop that will be 10 days of different topics that will help you focus on various aspects of what the breathwork can bring up and how it can be a tool for you in your daily life.

This series of meditations will specifically focus on the eight chakras or energy centers in the subtle body. With your own breath you will learn to have a deeper connection to the energies that are held in your body.

You will have access to musical and guided meditations of 15, 20 and 30 min in length that you will do on your own at home. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, as well as share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience. A perfect opportunity if you live outside of Los Angeles, have been wanting to try to do the meditation at home, or if you are ready to deepen your meditation practice. The energy of the new year is starting to kick in. See just how much can shift in your life in ten days. 

March 25th to April 4th

to sign up please email: lauren@fieldsofstudy.com

( sign up ends on March 23rd )

photos by Claire Cottrell

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