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- How does it feel? Patti Smith sings Dylan

- Proust, caught on film

- (this is a little dated... that's how long I have been working on this "From Around" post, but interesting none the less) A reflection of how behind the times America is when it comes to equality of the sexes in politics and positions of influence and power.

- Anthroposophy

- I am pretty much in love with everything Sans. I remember the moment I used their products in the shower, smelling them was the first time a product has made me feel like a woman. I can't recommend them enough. My two favorites are the - Hair + Body + Face Oil and the Body Exfoliant (that I actually use on my face, too). If you live in LA Passenger now carries it, which I am so excited about. 

- An Era for Women Artists? Incredible. A must read.

The Getty Research Institute announced the acquisition of Joanie 4 Jackie, a large, feminist collection of short movies and video art distributed as "Chainletter Tape" compilations by Miranda July in the ‘90s and 2000s.

- take a look at my bff, Claire Cottrell's amazing photos from the Women's March here in LA. And watch Zoe Ghertner's film from the march. Also, I started a new Instagram feed with a few women friends - with ideas, inspiration and news about activism - follow @ohyeswewill

- such a fan of Matt Paweski - we went to school together - check out his show

- a lovely portrait of my friend Caren and her husband Adam on FvF, by Claire

- wildflowers are in bloom in LA - stay up to date with the Wildflower Hotline

- a museum of the world's rarest colors - one of my dream jobs would be working here - sent to me by my friend Matthew Feyld

- Yvonne Rainer's film "The Man Who Envied Women" - this film BLEW MY MIND - I can't stop thinking about it.

Singing in the Rain
Young Americans
The Shorty George
Gloria Steinem
Into the Inferno
Training at Teatr-Laboratorium, 1972

to John Lewis
Alain de Botton
Show up, Dive in, Stay at it
2. Andante (Adagio)
I Lie
Silver Morning
Arabian Fantasy

Ron Nagle
The Art of Alchemy
Vija Celmins

Every Night the Trees Disappear
Autobiography of Red


Oblique Strategies
Uusi's tarot deck
In Love

obsessed with Daniel Buren these days 

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