new moon / march


Crow Moon
Monday, March 28th, Aries, 7:58 pm PST

The message has been coming loud and clear - GROUNDING.  I have had many conversations with friends, clients, in meditation class, etc... about the importance of grounding. It's a word we hear a lot these days, and use a lot ourselves, but have we stopped and asked ourselves and each other what we really mean when we say the word grounding? To me, grounding is one of the most important principals when it comes to being human, or spiritual, and yet most everybody I know is so disconnected from their bodies (and even more so in the spiritual community). Being grounded is important because we are human, and we have bodies, and we need to be connected to them. If we don't have a connection to our bodies, how will we be able to access our own feelings? And if we aren't connected to our own feelings, how will we be able to express ourselves in an authentic and truthful way? And if we are a sensitive person, how will we be able to know what is our feeling and what is a feeling of another that we are just picking up on? All important questions, and the answer to all of them is - you guessed it... grounding. 

To be grounded is to be connected to our bodies. And this might sound easier than it really is. It often takes a lot of practice. Most of us have fear about being connected to the body because our body is part of nature and that means it holds both light and dark. And to be connected to the body means we must encounter our dark. And for some it is even hard to accept that there is darkness at all. This is part of why the spiritual world can be a bit hard to navigate at times. Because most of that work is about the light! Which is amazing, and makes us feel amazing, but it doesn't include the full picture of being human. And when that darkness is repressed it can come out in some pretty icky ways. Being grounded in the body is amazing because it allows you to connect to that light that feels so good and expansive, but to bring it into the body (not only is this empowering but this is part of how we find wholeness), instead of leaving the body to connect to it outside of ourselves. 

So this month, practice staying in the body. Connecting to all feelings. Watching what things trigger you to pop out. Or what events or people or places make you feel grounded AND ungrounded. Ways to work on grounding are connecting to nature, and the biggest way is to move your body. Moving the body puts you in the body right away. Dance is my favorite way, but there are others.

With this new moon in Aries it's a perfect time to MOVE! That is what this energy is all about these next two weeks. Aries wants adventure, spontaneity, stimulation, movement, and expression of the self out in the world! Aries also wants something to bump up against. So, if you are bumping and resisting, that's not gonna feel great. Just know that the bumps are there to create movement, and change! Go with it!

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