april / full moon


Egg Moon
Monday, April 10th, Libra, 11:08 pm PST

With this Full Moon in particular the most important thing is to connect on a visual level with the energy the moon is offering to you. Go outside and find the moon (there are plenty of apps that can help you locate it in the sky). Spend some time just looking, and absorbing into your eyes the light and energy of this moon. There are messages in its light that can be received through your eyes. Listen to what it has to tell you about giving and receiving, about moving in cycles, about the receptivity of the female within us all. Open your arms to it. Let it be a celestial body for worship and devotion. Let it awaken in you a connection to what is sacred about your heart and your energy.

The more you can give yourself over to the energy of the moon the more grounded you will be this month. There are lots of energies at play, including five planets in retrograde by the end of the month. Retrogrades push a lot of energy forward, which means that to break out of the mold some things will have to fall apart. When things break apart hidden wisdom can surface. Open yourself up to this process and try not to control or resist. I know this is hard to do, but see if you can catch yourself when you are controlling, or resisting, or in fear - all of which stop the natural process and unfolding of energy or they just make it way more difficult than it needs to be. Life isn't about being perfect and not having weak spots or blind spots. But, it is about learning what they are, catching them when you are in them, and then making a choice that counteracts that habitual impulse that trips you up. Retrograde energy feels like a spiraling back, so you might feel old stuff is coming up, or that you are being hit over and over with the same thing. The good thing about this is you will have plenty of opportunities to make a different choice if you don't get it right the first time. In life mastery isn't about being in anticipation, it is about being in the moment, and asking yourself in each moment how to take the next step that will allow you to evolve beyond the known. 

There is a lot of Air energy happening this month, which will help you have perspective and be able to see the bigger picture, but don't let it take you out of the moment. There will be lots of highs and lows, clarity and confusion, ease and difficulty, etc... everything is intense this month. Lots of growing pains. But, keep connecting with the energy of the moon, it will help you open up and be more receptive. And be forgiving with yourself and others, support yourself and each other. It's an unstable and difficult time.

So much healing is possible right now, it is really an incredible time to be alive!


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