new moon / april


Pink Moon
Wednesday, April 26th, Taurus, 5:16 am PST

Two things I want to talk about this month during our pink new moon!

The first is something called "the maze". Maybe it is all the retrogrades we have had, maybe it is just the times and energy we are living in, but lately I have have my eyes and ears open to the ways I get stuck, and I have seen it in everyone I encounter and talk to, including friends and clients. What is the maze? The maze is exactly that, an internal structure that is being used to keep you stuck, in a loop, and in a pattern. When we get thrown into it by triggers in life it derails us from growth and overcoming an obstacle (either within or in front of us). It has been intelligently designed by the psyche to use the part of you that will keep fighting for growth, this part of you has integrity and such good intentions to fight and overcome what is blocking it, sometimes known as the dark - and when I say the dark, I mean both the darkness within but also the darkness in others and in the world. It is this dark aspect that has built the perfect maze for each of us to get stuck in. Every person's maze is different, and every person's triggers are different that land you in your own maze. And trust me when I say - everyone right now is in their maze. How do you overcome it and get yourself out? Stay tuned. But, until then just watch the for the triggers that set you off and put you into a pattern where you are disempowered. This could be a kind of pattern you recognize in yourself when it comes to relationships, conflicts, anger, love, work, health, intimacy, sex... the pattern is the same in all of these places, but there might be one where you can identify it more easily. But know that the pattern and loop of the maze applies to all situations. It can be helpful to be sensitive to the energy that feels like it repeats itself, a series of steps that is like a loop, these are the steps of your maze, the steps that are on repeat to ensure that you never overcome. Something like: A happens, then I feel B, then I do C, then I feel D... and then I am back at A again. They can be doing, thinking, or feeling steps. See if you can spot it during this new moon. 

So many amazing things seem to be happening for so many people, and yet they are experiencing it all from inside their maze. The first step to overcoming it is to just catch the pattern and when you are landing in it. 

Now on to this Taurus energy we are in for this new moon. There will be a natural time of slowing down. You will feel moments where you have some space to gain clarity about what direction you are heading and what is important to you during this moment of your life. Taurus is ruled by the heart and the planet of Venus. It is very down to earth and grounded, and loves the sensuousness of the physical world and all the pleasures it holds. While we will have moments available to us that will bring great clarity about the direction we are headed and the future we wish to have, this Taurus energy is needed to help build the foundation that will help us to get there - the ground beneath your feet. Think about what you value and what you honor, especial things in the physical world and about the body. Taurus also rules the throat and the voice. So now is a great time to be clearing energy there and owning the power that is held there. It's a great time to strengthen the connection between the heart and the voice, allowing your words to speak the wisdom of the heart and to be the voice of the heart. This moon is an opening to be living the beauty, strength and creativity that is inside us and to celebrate and enjoy those same things in the world around us.

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