4 day meditation

4 Day Online Meditation Workshop for Anxiety & Stress

May 19th - 22nd

This is a 4 day online workshop to help you learn to work with your anxiety and lessen the stress of everyday life. We all know that meditation is beneficial for dealing with daily stress, but what we aren’t taught is how to deal with the energy of anxiety and extreme stress in a more engaging way. During these 4 days you will learn how to access other energies in the body to help you move through the anxiety when it comes, as well as use the breath to calm your nervous system. After the 4 days you will have practical tools to practice and implement in your life that use the body and the breath to help you stay connected and grounded in times of anxiety and stress. Each day there will be a mix of reading and exercises, as well as a 20 minute recorded meditation to complete on your own. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, and are able to share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience.

This is perfect opportunity if you live outside of Los Angeles, are ready to deepen your meditation practice, or if you need some support around anxiety and stress in your life. 


to sign up please email: lauren@fieldsofstudy.com
sign up ends on May 17th

photo by Claire Cottrell

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