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Milk Moon
Wednesday, May 10th, Scorpio, 2:42 pm PST

We are in the energy of Scorpio this full moon, which is my sun and moon sign, so to me this energy always feels like home. But, Scorpio energy can be really challenging for some, especially with the extra intensity that is added by it being a full moon, and especially if you are an Air sign. If you can surrender to it, this moon will guide you to your inner Scorpio, the part of you that is connected to the unknown, the hidden, the mysterious, the part that is rejuvenated by the natural cycles of death and rebirth, the part of you that connects to sex, and the way you crave the depth of emotion and discard the superficial. But it can also bring up the dark and the shadowy, which a Scorpio does not walk away from or fear. They have a natural curiosity for these energies as they also innately hold the wisdom of how to transform them. Just notice where these qualities are being pulled out of you in the next two weeks. Let the pull of the full moon allow you to experience the gifts of the Scorpio. And if you see an opening to dive deep, go for it.

A few more things to pay attention to. 
Last post I talked a lot about the maze. How are you doing with your maze? If you haven't discovered it that's ok - it lives so deep in your unconscious it is really hard to get to, and the energy that runs it plays lots of tricks on you, it is very intelligent and it knows how to keep you trapped in the maze not only so you never get out but also so you never see it. But, if you have picked up on what the pattern is for you, the next step after just observing and catching when you land in the maze is to counteract. So, when you catch it and identify that you are in the loop of the maze, you have to make a choice to counteract. And trust me, it's not comfortable. And it might take some trial and error to figure out what the right move is, but the most important thing is catching it and then making a choice that counteracts the pattern. It's how you will get out of the maze. But, also know that you will land there again, so stick with it, this is an ongoing practice.

The other things I wanted to mention is a few important retrogrades we have happening. Saturn started it's retrograde on April 6th and it goes direct on August 26th. And we also have Pluto retrograding until September 28th. These two planets are really working together right now. Big time! Saturn will pop the deepest issue of the soul (some might call this the wound of the soul, some might call it karma). And if you are not dealing with that issue, learning to heal it, or if you are avoiding it, Pluto will keep pointing to it externally to show you you are not dealing with it. It will show you usually by putting it in your face even more, and it is usually negative. So keep your eyes open for these two energies working together. If something feels relentless, or familiar, and it keeps getting more and more intense and unavoidable, that is exactly the energy of Saturn and Pluto. Time to do some work. If you don't engage, it will guarantee a difficult summer until the end of August, beginning of September. Don't delay. This is part of your soul wanting to heal and it is attracting the most divinely orchestrated opportunities for that. Surrender to the path of your soul, you won't regret it.

Larry Bell's "No Title" (1969)

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