new moon / may


Planting Moon
Thursday, May 25th, Gemini, 12:44 pm PST

We are in a moment of dualities with this New Moon in Gemini. You will likely feel the extremes - either lots of joy, lightness and gratitude, or the difficulty, loneliness, isolation that come with this moon. There is always a void created with a New Moon - and the void can be both exciting because it is full of possibility, or it can feel quite lonely and maybe at times a little scary. Chances are if you have been doing the work with Saturn and Pluto's retrogrades you might be swinging more towards the lightness that this moon brings. If there is still stuff to work through this moon will create space for it to surface (especially in the evening hours).

Geminis can be very smart, using their air energy and intelligent brains to connect the dots. Use this energy and ask what your soul is trying to show you right now? See if you can make the links and create an opening for yourself to make different choices that allow for a breakthrough with that clarity. 

Geminis rule the most flexible and mutable parts of the body: the arms and hands, the lungs, and nervous system. This allows them to move from one energy to the next with a lot of ease, and sometimes at the blink of an eye (this is why it sometimes feels like you are with two different people when you are with a Gemini - and if they aren't an evolved and aware Gemini then they will have no idea they are sending two opposing signals). But, you can use this mutability to quickly integrate new energy and lessons you are learning right now. When a Gemini gets it - they get it! It just clicks! I'm not just describing the duality trait so you can understand the Geminis in your life, but it will also bring the Gemini energy out in you as well. So, be aware of how you might have a gap between what you say and what you mean, or other places where there might be a disconnect or dualities in your communication, energy, and emotions. Another positive is that they are able to see things from another perspective, so if you have felt stuck on something use the air energy of this sign to look at the situation from another angle. 

You might also feel the itch to get out of town, shake things up, have more fun, connect, socialize, and create more stimulation! Enjoy this New Moon, I have a feeling it will loosen us all up.

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