new moon / june


Strawberry Moon
Friday, June 23rd, 7:31 pm PST

Happy new moon and Summer Solstice! This is such a beautiful, abundant, and vibrant time of year. I love the long summer days. Despite all of these summer joyful vibes things might be feeling hard for you right now. We have a lot of planets transiting and in play. I keep talking about Pluto's transit until the end of the summer, which I think is the most difficult one. Pluto is pulling up some of our biggest life lessons and is being relentless about putting it in our faces. They are not to be ignored. One thing that has helped me during this time is realizing that the goal of our soul isn't to just create a life that is comfortable and easy. It wants to evolve, and the only way it can do that is to be embodied and to attract experiences that will help it evolve, learn lessons, break karma, etc... And yes, all of this is in the name of a greater good and more wholeness in our lives, but it isn't without challenges. The soul really wants breakthroughs, but that means it needs to have something to actually break through, something to expand beyond. So, don't worry if you are bumping up against things, that is actually a good thing. And not all things that feel difficult are bad, there are times where we should not avoid the painful or uncomfortable. But, it is up to us to know when what is surfacing is in the name of something good, when it is in the name of becoming more whole, even if it is really really hard. 

We are transitioning from Gemini, which is all about thinking is is getting to know the self using your thoughts or your mind to the energy of Cancer, which is all about thinking it is getting to know the self through feelings and emotions. This can be a huge swing, and at times can be giving you a false sense that you are in the self or connected to your soul. So be careful this month, lots of feelings might arise and some of them might be leading you away from yourself. Again, it's up to you to know when you are being tricked. Which can be really hard.

Since we are in the sign of Cancer now, it's a good time to think about your home, or sense of home. And to feel into the ways you are nourishing yourself, or relationships and the things that matter to you. It's a good time to connect to your ancestry and heal anything around your linage (especially if that is what is coming up for you as a challenge). Stay grounded. Connect to the element of water. Be in action. Nurture nurture nurture.

new moon card from the beautiful tarot deck by Uusi 


  1. Thank you for this! I love reading your moon phase descriptions.

    1. you are so welcome!!
      thank you for reading