Discovering Your Voice

Discovering Your Voice / 7 Day Online Meditation

August 19th - 25th

Imagine a life where your voice is connected to your heart, where your words carry your truth and power, where you can say what you actually feel. This seven day workshop will help lead you on a journey to discover your own relationship to your voice. With topics that range from learning to ground the voice and tap into the voice of the heart, to feeling the connection the throat has to the second chakra and birthing the voice inside that is waiting to be expressed - as well as taking a journey to past lives to uncover the source and help heal the wounds of the voice that you carry. You will also learn about different minerals that can support various aspects of the throat. 

This workshop is designed so that people from all over can experience the benefits of breathwork. Each day there will be a mix of reading and exercises, as well as a 20 minute recorded meditation to complete on your own. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, and are able to share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience. Long time breathers and those new to breathwork are equally welcome. 

You can start with the group on the 19th, or if your schedule doesn't allow you can start a few days after. You can even sign up and do it weeks after if you are ok to be doing it without the group. I will still be available for questions and support. 

/ $48

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