new moon / july


Thunder Moon 
Sunday, July 23rd, Leo, 2:46 am PST

August is our biggest month of change all year, there are a handful of planets that will be going direct, there will be eclipses, and we get not one, but two new moons in Leo! That is a lot of energy coming our way. How can we use it?

First, remember my broken record reminder about Pluto in retrograde. It has been preparing us, and whatever you still aren't getting it will be hitting you on the head hard! See these rough waters and big waves as opportunities for growth, because that's what they are. It's your soul wanting to evolve. So get with it, see the big picture, stop coming from a place of ego, wanting to hold on to old ways, old ideas, old energies, etc... step into the new. And part of being in the new is being in the unknown. Stay aware of when you are falling back into the known, or coming from the ego, or doing something to get you out of staying in the unknown. Stay. Stay. Stay. That is what you have to do. And you better bet it is uncomfortable. That's how you know you are right on track.

With this rush of energy from Leo you might feel a boost! Or you could be feeling like you just got swept under another wave. If you feel the later, reread the paragraph above. If you are feeling a boost, then roll with it! We are no longer in the mental clarity of Gemini, or the emotional vibes of Cancer. Leo is all about the instinctual, it's about being empowered and being seen! A ton of creative energy is available to you right now. Think about how to use what you've got to be empowered, even to empower yourself in a situation where you feel completely disempowered. This could come from being creative, creativity is a great tool to use those energies so they don't end up using you. Think of creative ways to get yourself out from under the rock, or from behind the curtain. It doesn't have to look like how everyone else is doing it. Check in with yourself, you will know if it is a big shift / triumph or not. Sometimes the biggest wins are undetectable by anyone but yourself. 

Leo energy is all about the heart, being courageous, being seen, being passionate, feeling your power and greatness as an individual, magnificent, and radiant! Do what you can to step into this energy. Work with what tools you have and think of creative ways you can express your inner Leo for these next two weeks. 

New Moon's are also all about drawing in energy, so this is a great time to draw into your life any of the Leo energies you this will help you on your journey of growth. Growth is different than comfort. ;)

sculpture by Alma Allen 

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