new moon / solar eclipse / august


Green Corn Moon
Monday, August 21st, Leo, 11:30 am

So why is this eclipse such a big deal? Well, solar eclipses happen around every year and a half or eighteen months, the rare part is where they pass over in the world, and in the US we haven't seen a eclipse like this since 1918. So just on a historical timeline, this is a once in a lifetime event, especially if you are within the pass across the country where you will see a total eclipse of the sun. If you aren't you will still feel the energy and see a partial eclipse. Here in LA it will be about a 70% eclipse, which is still a lot. And amazing to see.

With a solar eclipse the moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. This is a big deal because energetically the female (moon) moves in front of the male (sun). And while, at least these days, so many of us are taking a stand of the female, to us this sounds amazing (and it is) - it's actually a very powerful and potent AND difficult energy to open up to. It's why so many people have been having such a hard few weeks. Pluto in retrograde has been breaking things down and bringing things in our face, while the last two weeks we have been in a portal of energy that has allowed us to have access to a ton of new energy that can help us break patterns and step into a profound new place. But part of stepping into a new place is stepping into the unknown, which is what the energy of the female is all about. And while that is super exciting, it can also bring about a lot of fear and resistance once we get down to actually having to do it.

Most of our culture is set up to favor the male - and I don't just mean socially, politically,  economically, etc... (although that is true) - but the male energy, which is the known and the mind. We all tend to favor the mind over the body, place more emphasis on the wisdom of the mind instead of the wisdom of the body, trust the known more than the unknown, etc... So as this moon moves in front of the sun and blocks us from that energy we are faced with favoring the energy of the female (the unknown) over the energy of the male (the known). Just sit with that for a bit. 

We also have six planets retrograding now. A lot! All I will say on that is that breakdowns allow space for breakthroughs. And I truly believe that so many people are doing better than they think they are. Hang in there! And enjoy the eclipse and all the new energy it will allow you to step into!

Calder sculpture


from around

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extruded bricks, Barbara Kasten in her studio


full moon / august


Grain Moon
Monday, August 7th, Aquarius, 11:10 am PST

We are in a moment of great change. Or at least great change is possible if you are ready for it. With this Full Moon comes a Lunar Eclipse, and in two weeks time we will have a total Solar Eclipse. The two eclipses bookend each other and create a portal of energy that is a great opportunity for changes that are beyond this lifetime. 

If you have felt things shifting under your feet in the last few months you are not alone. So many people are going through big big changes. But those are just the things we can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears. There has also been a great deal of energetic shifting going on, and these are the deeper changes that are at play for everyone. With the Pluto retrograde I have been talking about over and over, we have been pushed into the unknown. It has been getting us ready for this time. You can imagine these next 2 week like a portal, where you have the ability to access so much new energy and really make some deep changes, changes that you have been getting ready for for lifetimes. I know it sounds crazy, but it's real. You have to stay focused though. This Full Moon and the eclipse energy is really throwing everyone off. You might have noticed other or yourself feeling more emotional, erratic, tired, sluggish, etc... this energy is having a powerful effect on us all. But you have to stay focus and connected. It's like you are in the last few miles of the marathon. Let go and disconnect from those activities or people that are distracting you or draining your energy. Spend time connecting to nature, meditation, being creative. These are all things that will help bring you insight and clarity around the energies that are in play for you right now. You can be busy, but don't lose your connection to the bigger, deeper picture and map of your soul that you are engaging with right now. This is where Aquarian (moon) and Leo (sun) energy can help you. Aquarius energy will help you stay connected to the bigger picture and the Leo will help you have the courage and strength to power through this time making sure that you come out the other side with the growth that has been waiting for you.

It's time to move beyond the literal reality of what is happening and feel into the energy that is deeper, and more connected to the bigger picture. That comic energy. And that could be showing up in the literal experiences in your life, no doubt, but know that the energy behind what you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears is something so much bigger. It is cosmic. Divine. It is an energy whose greatest mission is expansion. Pay attention. The things that are standing out for you in your life right now are like clues, or markers, trying to show you something deeper, or they might be showing up as blocks to help you breakthrough and expand beyond the literal to something bigger. This is why anything that allows you to move beyond the literal is really helpful right now (nature, meditation, creativity).

It's all been set up perfectly over the last few months. This is where all the rough waters and challenges of retrogrades pay off. They break down old systems, things we are relying on, and allow for new energies to emerge. Gather these new energies and jump into this portal of possibilities! There is so much waiting for you. Don't waste this opportunity. I can't stress this enough. 

We have the ability right now to connect to energy that is usually harder to access. Energy from other cosmic planes and universes, wisdom from our past, and the possibility to use it all to step into an alignment with our most divine self.

Stay in tune to yourself. And jump! Allow this new energy to transform you! Expand beyond anything you could have imagined. 

sculptures by Brian Molanphy - These are fonts, fountains, or giant clams. The basic forms are the simplest geometric forms: the circle and the square, say the sphere and the cube. They emphasize, by means of contrast, the amorphous decoration of the mixed earth, the white earth and the earth tinted blue: idyllic colors of the waves that take the place of water in these fountains. 2011, Church of Our Lady of the River, Beaumont, France