full moon / september


Harvest Moon
Tuesday, September 5th, Pisces, 12:02 am PST

This is a time that, frankly, I don't know what is going on. Things are messy. I think with the eclipse energy and Pluto about to go direct on the 28th we have reached the pinnacle of some pretty intense times. And I think we are all being pushed in ways we do not fully understand. I know I sure am. So many things are getting more and more intense and I don't seem to know what to do. So, my conclusion is that it's not a time about knowing what is going on, but it's a time to be in the not knowing, while not resisting. I am a little nervous about what will happen for us when Pluto goes direct later this month. When it changes directions back to it's regular rotation I think it will cause some pretty big shifts to happen. So be prepared. Pluto is no joke. Take really good care of yourself until then. Try to stay in as much love as possible. Releasing any judgments. Having compassion for yourself and others. Being reflective without necessarily looking for answers. And gathering strength. I think the best way to do this right now is in nature. So take some time to sit in nature, asking it to fill you up with whatever you will need to ride the huge wave that is about to crash. And just trust. Trust that during these last six or so months you have been doing the work that will prepare you for the culmination of the growth you are going through right now, and that you have built the bridge for yourself to walk into the void, a bridge that will lead you to the new energy you are stepping into!

photo of a Max Lamb chair