full moon / october


Harvest Moon
Thursday, October 5th, Aries, 11:40 am PST

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that falls nearest the Autumnal Equinox. This full Moon provides the most light at the time when it's needed most - to complete the harvest.
- from the Old Farmer's Almanac

Oh Harvest Moon, what will you bring us this season? This is such a lovely moon, and a lovely time of year as we transition seasons. Last New Moon I talked about transitions, and with this moon you will start to feel the fruits of the new direction you are headed. If you have been working hard with Pluto over the last six or so months you will start to feel the bounty of new energy, new opportunities, new ideas, new creativity... all around you. The Harvest is about collecting the gifts of the earth that are a result of your hard labor, and love. It's the reward of what you have invested in yourself and your life over the past months (maybe longer). So take time to be grateful, pause to celebrate and acknowledge the work that went into the new energy that is now flowing into your life. This will just strengthen and deepen your connection to what is opening up for you.

Also remember, that Full Moons can bring with them some challenges, always. Because you have the sun and moon in opposing signs, so this can create some push-pull. But, it's also exciting because if you can learn to use both energies then they really can enhance each other and help you move into the energy of both of them more fully! This month our moon is in Aries, with the sun in Libra. Aries wants to take action, to be in motion. This is great! Especially with all this new energy in our lives, but be aware that the action isn't just out of impulse. You have to pause before you act and make sure it has purpose, and it isn't just for the sake of being in motion (a fault of most Aries). Libra is active too, but in a more social or artistic way. This energy will help you seek harmony and balance right now (supported by our days of equal light and dark). It can also slow down the action of the Aries, because it wants to consider all sides and be fair. This can create some tension. In the self, but also in different people. You might be feeling ready to GO, while someone else in your life needs to sort through and make sure it's the right thing. Libra seeks cooperation, so this can help to shift what needs to be in alignment to take action in the world, and the energy of Aries will help the Libra be more risky and learn to JUMP! when it is the highest good of your soul. 

This is a time about the masculine and the feminine, as Aries and Libra are ruled by Mars and Venus respectively. When they learn to work together they are unstoppable!

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  1. You are unstoppable!!! This is wonderful insight and guidance.
    Thank you so much for sharing with the world.

      so so so sweet of you!

      wishing you an incredible Fall season!