new moon / october


Hunter's Moon
Thursday, October 19th, Libra, 12:11 pm PST

The Fall season is upon us as we transition into this lovely Libra New Moon. Libra is the master harmonizer. Ruled by Venus, with the scales as her tool she knows in the most gentle way how to bring everything into balance with grace and beauty. Even if things are feeling challenging in some areas, now is the time to trust the intention of this Libra energy, and trust that everything that is happening is all in the name of bringing you into greater balance, harmony and wholeness, and ultimately will guide you into some powerful healing. Sometimes adjustment periods or realignments can be bumpy, but the more you trust the energies that are at work the better. Everything that is shifting right now has a greater purpose, so stop fighting it and keep trusting. Libra's energy can help you navigate the most challenging of encounters right now. Stay grounded and connected to your heart. Speak the truth wherever you can. That is your power.

Margrethe Mather

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