full moon / november


Hunter's Moon
Friday, November 3rd, Taurus, 10:23 pm PST

You might be able to feel the dive we are taking with the energy from this full moon. Last month we were in the energy of Libra - Gentle, harmonious, lovely Libra. Scorpio is now on the scene and pulling us down into the underworld. 

This is a time of tilling the soil. If you can get out into nature and actually do this all the better to have the physical experience of what is happening to us on an emotional level. Tilling the soil is what is done in preparation for planting, the work of creating new life. This is a time of moving the energy around, things are literally coming up and circling back down, breaking apart and healing - all simultaneously. The energy of our Sun in Scorpio is helping, as Scorpio is all about diving deep into the inner world and transforming. You might even be mistaking some hard times right now as breakdowns, but they are most likely breakthroughs with deep wisdom coming to the surface. In those moments listen for what message is trying to come though, instead of fighting it or holding on to the known. 

Scorpio is also about the richness of what can be found in the depths of our souls. So don't be surprised if a lot is coming up around death, grief, rebirth, life, sex, intimacy etc... Because Scorpio is all about transformation they innately know how to take what comes from the dark and turn it into gold. If you are a sign that has an aversion to the depths (a lot of air signs do), try to trust the Scorpio in you to go there. You will always come out the other side, and the more and more you do this the more you will trust going to those darker depths knowing that you will reemerge. 

Use the energy of our moon in Taurus to help ground you. Spend time in nature, cultivate your senses, pursue what brings you pleasure. Those things can really help you feel supported while you do this deep work. 

We have our moon in Taurus and our sun in Scorpio. Taurus will at times want to stay with what is pleasurable (especially pleasure from the senses, good food, a massage, beautiful flowers, etc...), while its opposing sign, Scorpio, will want to dive into what is uncomfortable (but holds truth)! See if you can get the two to work together, not letting the Taurus in you keep you from going where Scorpio is trying to pull you for deep emotional healing, but also not allowing the Scorpio to drag you through the mud and make you miserable. As a Scorpio myself I am guilty of this. I have a deep commitment to the truth and a love of the depth that sometimes holds me in a place of pain and sadness, and I loose a connection to feeling the pleasure of life and being nurtured.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, meaning they are not flexible and can be stubborn. Be aware of when you find yourself not being in the flow, gripping, or biting off more than you can handle. These are also some of the lessons we are getting right now - How to listen to when it's too much and to learn how and when to let go. There is also a lot of creativity in the air right now, so use that to help you create a new solution when the outcome you were planning for doesn't work out. Being more flexible allows for the unknown, for something we weren't expecting, but might just end up being more in alignment with who we truly are. 

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