new moon / november


Hunter's Moon
Saturday, November 18th, Scorpio, 3:42 am PST

I always get really excited when the Scorpio New Moon occurs. Being a Scorpio myself I find this energy not only so in alignment with my own, obviously, but it's also just a very fertile, magical and exhilarating time.

New Moons are void of any light, being completely dark they hold the potential and forward movement of becoming whole and full, just as the Scorpio has the inherent wisdom of going into the dark to be born again anew - a New Moon is well suited to the energy of Scorpio. This is a time of new beginnings, new energy... new anything and everything. Even if it means rising from the ashes of something that has had a catastrophic end, the Scorpio knows how to become the phoenix that rises from the ashes. And this isn't done through determination or willpower, but rather the innate wisdom and trust that when you go into the dark and own it in equal measure to the rest of you, you reclaim the power of your wholeness. Instinctively the Scorpio's way through anything is to dive deep under the surface into the depths and the darkness to come out the other side. Death and rebirth, dark and light, don't have any negative or positive connotations attached to them. They are simply two sides of the same coin, a cycle that allows for transformation and growth. 

Scorpio is a very mysterious, and magical sign. It is like the alchemist of the astrological chart. In alchemy the goal is to take a base metal and transform it into gold. We are in an energy right now that can allow you to do this with anything in your life. Whatever hardships you are going through, whatever lessons you are facing, whatever you have lost or let go of, you can be the alchemist of your own life to transform all of it into gold, the wisdom of your own wholeness. You just have to be willing to go into the dark. 

If you don't know how this applies to you right now in your life, take a moment to do a small meditation and ask your soul. Close your eyes and picture a moon in the night sky over a lake. And then drop the moon into the dark water and ask it to shine light on what it is you are transforming. And then bring it back up to the surface and into the sky to reveal what it has become. 

What did you see?

Scorpios are very sensitive, intuitive and wise - they can at times be like a laser with the truth - so trust whatever came to you, even if you have to unravel the image a bit to get to the meaning. And also trust whatever is happening to you right now in your life as being exactly what your soul needs to become more whole. Try not to grip and hold on to what wants to be transformed.

With the energy of Scorpio in alignment with other planets in the sky, this is also a time of deep and profound healing. You have an opportunity right now to heal meaningful and intimate relationships in your life as well as wounds of the soul. Let this ability to heal not just affect you, but also think about the ways you can use your gifts and power to heal others.

Pay attention to the way you can move into exciting new energy in your life by being willing to die and be reborn, just as nature does this as it transitions through the seasons. Trust. 

Baumstück 9, Ricarda Roggan, 2008

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