new moon / december


Night Long Moon
Sunday, December 17th, Sagittarius, 10:30 pm PST

Oh sweet Night Long Moon. This is the time of year when early and long dark nights become a haven, a magical time to explore, a backdrop for ritual, a reminder of the deep work we all do to uncover and heal. 

This New Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, the centaur who is half animal and half human. Winter is a magical time to use the darkness of the seasons, and with the moon void of light we have a very dark sky, as well as a lot of it as we get closer to the Winter Solstice. It is during this time of year that we start to look ahead into the coming year. We start to think about what we have been through while looking to new energy ahead of us. We can use the image of the centaur, with its four feet grounded on the earth and its bow and arrow pointed at something in the future. It can help us stay grounded and connected to what is most true in us while we think about the direction we are headed. Because we are in a New Moon and the sky is very dark it might be hard to see to what you are pointing your bow at. It's important not to shoot too quickly, accidentally hitting something unintended. But, instead to learn to use the darkness, the void, to your advantage. This is the energy of the female (in all of us, not just if you are female). The male would want to see clearly what it is shooting at. But the female can discover in the darkness the direction to aim. It's a different kind of sensing, but see if for this next week you can be the centaur. Keep your feet rooted. Your body present. And your bow drawn. Search the night sky. And ask for something to be revealed. Something you don't yet know.

This is how we move beyond where we have been and what we already know. We have to go into the unknown, the dark night sky. We are getting ready to move into uncharted waters, new territory. As souls who have been incarnated into human bodies we are constantly seeking our wholeness. Having experience after experience that bring us closer and closer to that. The magical thing about this time of year is that on every level we are open to growth and expanding into new energy that this coming new year is bringing to us. That is what the whole year has been preparing us for. 

Before we move into the sign of Capricorn (which is about motion), use the energy of Sagittarius to help you see which direction you will shoot your arrow. 


full moon / december


Long Night Moon
Sunday, December 3rd, Gemini, 7:46 am PST

You might be feeling like you are high on vibrations right now, or feeling the low grade pull on your energy, dampening it, and dulling it. Most likely you will be feeling a bouncing back between both (we have Gemini to thank for that, ha). This moon is one that is triggering excitement, creative ideas, aspirations, long term projects, dreams of the future - all exciting things. But the energy of this moon can also amp up that excitement so much that it makes you obsessive, compulsive, reactionary, and scattered.

We have come out of a New Moon in Scorpio with its watery depth, into the Fire of the Sun in Sagittarius, and the Air of this Moon in Gemini. So things have gone from diving downwards to up and out! We are in some expansive energy right now, which is great if we are expanding wilfully and on the right track. Listen to new things that are coming to you, intuitions, inspirations, things that have occurred in threes. Follow these right now. It's a good time to make sure you are balancing your expansion with some more quiet times of meditation (whatever that means for you). Just to help bring clarity to what you are moving towards. It's a very stimulating time - one where we want to be discussing and sharing and experiencing and dreaming on such a big level! And the Supermoon will just add to that, it's really lighting a fire under all those dreams. December is the month of upgrading to what is possible for you. Just make sure you have the ground under your feet. This is exciting energy and it wants to burst! But try to find that place where you don't snuff out your fire, but you also don't allow it to burn you up and burn you out. 

Among other planets transiting, Mercury is in retrograde, which, like all retrogrades, will assure that your life gets an opportunity to reshape itself to be more in line with the growth you have had and the direction you are going. Don't resist what is wanting to change. 

Georgia O'Keeffe's home in New Mexico


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- also, I don't usually share about lifestyle stuff - but I have been fully obsessed with my Pratima skincare line. I used to use it years ago and then stopped. But, I just started again and my skin has never looked better. 

- did you know that besides my personal Instagram account - I have one for Fields of Study - AND one all about women and activism

- and I updated my art website a few months ago 

Haenyeo, 1952 / Photo by Kenneth H. Lehr