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- was sick in bed and had a marathon of
both incredible

- talked with my dad about Venice in the winter and it made me rewatch Don't Look Now - also incredible 

- since I can't stop using the word incredible - and there really isn't another word to describe this piece - I will just go ahead and use it again... incredible. What Do We Do With the Art of Monstrous Men? Incredible. Incredible. 

- Think Big - Laura Owens explores what art can do. Wish I could see this at the Whitney, in NYC

- Also, if you live in LA and are in the art world then you know about this... a well written response by Laura about what has been happening

- loving this ladies flowers

- two On Being episodes I have recently loved

- reading this, this and this. About to read this

- listening to this and this

- see the Lynda Benglis show at Blum & Poe - and Nevine Mahmoud at M+B - both are sooooo good! Rad women, making rad sculpture!

- also, I don't usually share about lifestyle stuff - but I have been fully obsessed with my Pratima skincare line. I used to use it years ago and then stopped. But, I just started again and my skin has never looked better. 

- did you know that besides my personal Instagram account - I have one for Fields of Study - AND one all about women and activism

- and I updated my art website a few months ago 

Haenyeo, 1952 / Photo by Kenneth H. Lehr

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