So excited to have done an interview with Sans Ceuticals (one of my favorite beauty lines).
Talking about the importance of criticality, swimming and intention.

Read the whole thing here
Thank you Sans and Yasmine!

On analysing or critiquing one's own work:

I think being critical is one of the big things Graduate School teaches you. I always resisted it when I was in school, I found it so stifling. Now, with some distance, I really see it’s lasting effect on me. For better and worse, it is a part how I see and do everything. I think it often makes me really hard on things I see people making out in the world. But, I also see how it helps me to consider and push my own work.

Criticality is important, it’s something I think we are loosing as a flourishing, creative culture. I think when we make something we ought to know what it’s saying and doing in the world beyond being an act of expression, or something of beauty. If you are an artist you have to understand the context in which you are making something. It’s important to look at things with a critical eye. It’s how we make meaning and understand the world. It’s how we hold people accountable to the things they make, and say, and do. And, more importantly, it’s how we hold ourselves accountable for the mark we are leaving on the world with our creations.

Criticality is what helps us see beyond the aesthetics of something. And while I think beauty is important it can sometimes be a dead end and can keep you on the surface of something, which, in the end, isn’t that interesting to me. Beauty isn’t important if I can’t move beyond it to go deeper.

We are living in an interesting time where so many people are makers, calling themselves artists and curators. More so than ever before. It makes me want to hold tight to some sort of criticality. Perhaps this is antiquated of me. And who knows, maybe in forty years I will have come to see that as artists it’s not our job to be critical and all we need to do is just make the art. But, I doubt it. I think as artists we have a responsibility.

photo by Yasmine Ganley


from around

- How does it feel? Patti Smith sings Dylan

- Proust, caught on film

- (this is a little dated... that's how long I have been working on this "From Around" post, but interesting none the less) A reflection of how behind the times America is when it comes to equality of the sexes in politics and positions of influence and power.

- Anthroposophy

- I am pretty much in love with everything Sans. I remember the moment I used their products in the shower, smelling them was the first time a product has made me feel like a woman. I can't recommend them enough. My two favorites are the - Hair + Body + Face Oil and the Body Exfoliant (that I actually use on my face, too). If you live in LA Passenger now carries it, which I am so excited about. 

- An Era for Women Artists? Incredible. A must read.

The Getty Research Institute announced the acquisition of Joanie 4 Jackie, a large, feminist collection of short movies and video art distributed as "Chainletter Tape" compilations by Miranda July in the ‘90s and 2000s.

- take a look at my bff, Claire Cottrell's amazing photos from the Women's March here in LA. And watch Zoe Ghertner's film from the march. Also, I started a new Instagram feed with a few women friends - with ideas, inspiration and news about activism - follow @ohyeswewill

- such a fan of Matt Paweski - we went to school together - check out his show

- a lovely portrait of my friend Caren and her husband Adam on FvF, by Claire

- wildflowers are in bloom in LA - stay up to date with the Wildflower Hotline

- a museum of the world's rarest colors - one of my dream jobs would be working here - sent to me by my friend Matthew Feyld

- Yvonne Rainer's film "The Man Who Envied Women" - this film BLEW MY MIND - I can't stop thinking about it.

Singing in the Rain
Young Americans
The Shorty George
Gloria Steinem
Into the Inferno
Training at Teatr-Laboratorium, 1972

to John Lewis
Alain de Botton
Show up, Dive in, Stay at it
2. Andante (Adagio)
I Lie
Silver Morning
Arabian Fantasy

Ron Nagle
The Art of Alchemy
Vija Celmins

Every Night the Trees Disappear
Autobiography of Red


Oblique Strategies
Uusi's tarot deck
In Love

obsessed with Daniel Buren these days 


full moon / march


Sap Moon 
Sunday, March 12th, Virgo, 7:54 am PST

Energetically, full moons are the most intense periods of the month. Part of this is because the sun and moon are in opposing signs, it can often feel like we are being pulled in two different directions, or swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other. I feel this a lot right now as we enter into the height of our full moon in Virgo with the sun in Pisces. This is a time of really learning to balance action and receptivity, really knowing when to be out in the world and when to be alone or resting, when to be moving and when to be still. 

For the last year or so time has been doing all sorts of nutty things. For one, it is collapsing. This means that we can feel more easily into the future, we are all becoming more psychic and intuitive (these are also strengths of Pisces). On the flip side it allows things from the past to surface and be cleared more easily. And it also is causing time to speed up, so things that it might take us lifetimes to heal previously we can do so so much faster. So, all of this might make you feel like a lot is being thrown your way, or pulled in all different directions, or just plain old confused.

It is important to be taking some solo contemplative walks / hikes or be in meditation this month. Because all of this is happening, and because we have the moon in the active sign of Virgo and the sun in the receptive sign of Pisces, we need to really discern what's going on and what to do about it. Because Pisces just increases our sensitivity and psychic senses the best way to start to understand what is yours and what is someone else's is to spend time in your own energy. Really get to know it. Be in your body (the best way to do this is through movement). Create a container for your energy. Being in your body and being grounded is the only way when you are out in the world and you are struck with or absorbing different energies you will know if it is yours or someone else's. This takes practice. So, start to practice now. The energies of the sun and moon and other planets are supporting this.

This solo time will also give you more space to get clear about what is important, what direction to move in, and connect to the guidance that is available to you. Spending some solo time will help you be more clear about how to move into the world from the truth in your being and what action(s) to take. Venus has also begun her retrograde, so this will help in any exploration of your values and pleasures. Venus reminds us that when we heal the personal we heal the collective.

This Virgo Moon can help you be thorough in your contemplation and listening. It's also a great time to get organized, on a more practical level. There is no coincidence to the term "spring cleaning". Virgo energy is great for sorting through things on a more base and rational level. We are also coming out of the winter months, and with the time change and blossoms blooming it's a good time to do any kind of spring cleaning that you feel called to do. We are also in a natural time of letting go as the moon transitions from full to new, letting go of more and more light in each moment.

Be still. Feel. Listen. Get clear. Make a plan. Take action.

MEL BOCHNER: Meditation on the Theorem of Pythagoras, 1972. Hazelnuts and chalk on floor. 17 x 16 in. (43.18 x 40.64 cm)


10 day breathwork meditation challenge

10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge

This is an online workshop that will be 10 days of different topics that will help you focus on various aspects of what the breathwork can bring up and how it can be a tool for you in your daily life.

This series of meditations will specifically focus on the eight chakras or energy centers in the subtle body. With your own breath you will learn to have a deeper connection to the energies that are held in your body.

You will have access to musical and guided meditations of 15, 20 and 30 min in length that you will do on your own at home. You will also receive the support of a community from all over the globe, as well as share and ask questions of each other and me about your experience. A perfect opportunity if you live outside of Los Angeles, have been wanting to try to do the meditation at home, or if you are ready to deepen your meditation practice. The energy of the new year is starting to kick in. See just how much can shift in your life in ten days. 

March 25th to April 4th

to sign up please email: lauren@fieldsofstudy.com

( sign up ends on March 23rd )

photos by Claire Cottrell