full moon / january


Wolf Moon
Wednesday, January 31st, Leo, 5:27 am PST

The gift of a Super Blue Blood Moon!
This is the first Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 152 years! The last one happened March 31st, 1866.
This special moon is one with a lot of facets and layers. It is a rare moon that is here to help us see the breakthroughs that are happening within us right now. With their bright light, full moons are great for helping to illuminate the things we are ready to see. Pay attention to what is being shown to you, especially if it something that is reoccurring. After all, a blue moon is the name given to a full moon that appears twice in one month. Keep your eyes peeled for themes that emerge. Pay particular attention to anything that happens in threes; the first is pure experience that has an impact, the second is to get your attention, and the third is a conformation. With this full moon in Leo themes might emerge about independence, freedom, creativity, passion, being a leader, play, or recognition.

Full moons are usually quite intense with the sun and moon in opposing signs. But the dynamic between the two is heightened during a full moon lunar eclipse, as the Earth moves directly in between the sun and moon. Because we are on Earth we will feel the dynamic between these two opposing signs even more as we are literally right in between them. This month the moon is in Leo and the sun in Aquarius. Both of these signs want freedom, independence, and autonomy - they really have to do with individuality. Don't be surprised if you feel a pulling away from the pack, or a need to separate yourself. Just be aware of how you are doing this - is it because you are building more of the self and moving in a direction that is in alignment with who you are, or is it a separation based on rejection? Pay attention. Again, the light of the full moon will show you how these two signs play out within you. Aquarius being an air sign, can bring a clarity of vision, the future and the big picture, though often detached and unemotional. And Leo brings the fire, passion, heart, the personal, but beware that this expression doesn't become indulgent or a need for attention. How are these two energies working within you?

With this Leo energy during the eclipse it might also bring up old (or new) heartbreak. An eclipse is a collective quickening - it pushes us into new energy. But with this lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo it could bring up some wounds of the heart, the good news is that there is energy to be used right now for deep healing and letting go. Or you might feel the Aquarius holding you back from getting in touch with these emotions. Again, an intense time full of many dynamics - so look closely and try your best to unpack what is going on inside you. When in doubt, just ask. I do this a lot, if I am unclear about something I ask for my second or third dot to connect and confirm. 

I don't know about you, but I sure feel the fire under me right now. Those seeds you planted over winter are starting to sprout and grow - use this moon as added fuel to the fire. No doubt there is something in you that is ready to burst through the soil and make its way into the light. 

image from @imrevolting


new moon / january


Wolf Moon
Tuesday, January 16th, Capricorn, 6:17 pm PST

This new moon in Capricorn is here to put us on our path. There is a lot of new energy that comes flooding in at the beginning of the new year. You might have felt it poor into your life, like a huge download of energy, ideas, clarity, and inspiration. But, until this new moon all of that energy has yet to be integrated, it's just sort of swirling around us. We need the earthy sign of Capricorn to help ground it into the body. For all of that cosmic, ethereal, universal energy to be utilized it has to be in the body, and your body has to have its feet on the ground. 

Use the symbol of Capricorn, the goat, as an archetype right now. The goat knows how to ambitiously climb to the top of the mountain, but it does so while focusing on the next step. Taking one sure footed step at a time, with consistency that creates stability. It is what allow the goat to gain wisdom and confidence along the way. The goat is practical and prudent and can help take your dreams and goals and bring them into reality. 

Spend some time today, or in the coming days, preferably with your feet on some earth, thinking about the mountain you want to climb. And it might not be a goal that is outward or tangible, but one that is more about achieving something inside, something about who you are as a person. The new year helps the new energy flood in, but now it is time to sort through all of that, and get clear on the direction you are being called to walk in. Think about what parts of you are ready to evolve. Because this is a new moon, and it is in the beginning of it's lunar cycle it can help us as we begin our new journey. It's like a blank sheet of paper, full of potential and possibility. And remember, sometimes it's the invisible journey that leads us to the gold.

Nobuo Sekine, Phase of Nothingness, 1969/2012, Blum & Poe


full moon / january


Wolf Moon
Monday, January 1st, Cancer, 6:24 pm PST

We are so lucky to get a huge supermoon on the first day of the new year. Full moons hold a lot of energy and power. Let its brightness illuminate the year ahead. There is something about this moon that will really activate our hearts. I see its image full and bright and radiant being held right in the space of the heart. With this moon in the watery sign of Cancer it will be easy to feel whatever it is you need to feel. A Full Moon in the sign of Cancer is the Moon's Moon. It's really the mother of all moons, and in its energy it does hold the great nurturing power of the universal mother. It's a very female energy we are stepping into this new year with, which is so exciting. 

I talk very openly with friends about being a woman in my late(ish;) 30's and the pressure and comments I feel and hear about being a mother and having children. People are well meaning and kind, but often don't see that a lot of the way they see and understand a woman stepping into her power, purpose, greatness, becoming a Woman with a capital "W" is through the right of passage of becoming a mother. There is much more to say about this, but I wanted to point it out that when I talk about this Cancer moon and her feminine, nurturing energy I don't mean to imply that the only way to embody or express that is to be a mother. Or that the only people who can embody, hold, or express this are mothers. I think we are all capable of nurturing and loving in this way - no age or gender can define our capacity to love deeply.

One of my favorite writers and thinkers on this subject (and others as well) is Rebecca Solnit. In her incredible book, The Mother of All Questions she writes, “One of the reasons people lock onto motherhood as a key to feminine identity is the belief that children are the way to fulfill your capacity to love. But there are so many things to love besides one's own offspring, so many things that need love, so much other work love has to do in the world.” I love this quote so much, especially where she says there is "... so much other work love has to do in the world." To me that is the message of this moon. Calling us to discover how we might love in a bigger way. How might we move through the world loving? What does that look like? What other work does our love want to do in the world? What a wonderful question to start the year with. 

Love can look like so many things. It can be fierce, healing, embracing, forgiving, it can even be in the word no. I hope this year is one full of discovering all the ways there is to love, all the things that need your love.

I encourage you to not start the year with a list. With ideas of manifestation. No intentions, please. Just let all of that go. Because ultimately all of that is being formed by the mind, which is so limited in what it knows. It's narrowing. And often when we are looking for something specific we miss something that is better and more aligned with our soul. I ask you to step into this new year like you would step out into a dark landscape. Senses heightened. An excitement that borders on fear. Looking into the darkness, the void, where anything and everything is possible. And take the first step. Feel your way with your heart and not with your eyes. And see what there is to discover.

May we be grateful for the many unknown blessings already on their way. 

Happy 2018
Thank you for being here.

Paul Outerbridge Jr. "Hand, shell, and leg", 1938