full moon / april


Grass Moon
Sunday, April 29th, Scorpio, 5:58 pm PST

A close friend who is an incredible astrologer and all around wise man informed me that Saturn has gone into retrograde on April 17th, until September. "This will make for an interesting summer", he said. Those of you who have gone through your first Saturn return know that Saturn brings with it some big changes and hard lessons. While this planet is retrograding in the sign of Capricorn it will make sure that whatever lesson we have not faced will be unavoidable. This will make for a rough season until it goes direct.

This also seems to come at a time where with this Full Moon in Scorpio brings what has been suppressed, repressed, hidden, avoided, etc... to the surface. I don't know if you feel it, but I really have felt so confronted by my own issues. Being a Scorpio myself I love its energy, but it's rough right now. The good news is that all of this is in service to us becoming more whole. That's one of the amazing things about Scorpio, all of the death, letting go, surfacing of the dark, is in the name of truth and transformation. That is what Scorpios do best. But be careful, because the unhealthy side of Scorpio is that because they aren't afraid to look at the dark or feel the pain or see the s%*t they tend to be drawn to those things too much, or want to just stay in that energy when it isn't appropriate. As my teacher said recently (she's a Scorpio too), "Oh, I have one foot in the s%*t, I might as well put the other one there too." Use the magic and mystery of the Scorpio to keep you fluid and curious through this process, so you don't get stuck in the muck. But also be aware to not further avoid the issue at hand, otherwise you will have an even ruder awakening soon to come.

If you don't know what lessons Saturn and the Scorpio energy are bringing you. Just pay attention to any patterns you see happening in your life, around you and within you. What feels like it's everywhere you look? What feels challenging or like it's difficult because it feels like an old way of being? Your soul is ready to grow right now - times 100. So it will insure that whatever you have not faced inside yourself is everywhere you look outside of you. It will mirror your internal dynamic externally.

Don't avoid what is coming to the surface. Things come to the surface to be healed and transformed. It's a difficult time. No doubt. And right now it feels relentless. Like you can't have a break. Stay aware. In every moment there is an opportunity for growth. Just remember that. ;)

Anish Kapoor, "Building for a Void", 1992 

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