full moon / july


Thunder Moon
Thursday, July 27, Aquarius, 1:20 pm PST

Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse
Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron all in retrograde. 

This moon's message is very clear.
Where are you ready to take responsibility?

photo by me for Fields of Study


as above, so below

“As above, so below.” I see this phrase used a lot these days. I studied the philosophy, texts and writings of hermeticism and alchemy while getting my MFA, and I, like many people, resonated with this concept when I first read it. These days I see it used in a way that gets under my skin. How it is being used is to only tell half the story of what it actually means. 

The original quote comes from “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus”, "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” This macro / micro idea related so much to my art at the time. And what bothers me about how people use it is exactly how I used to see it then, so I get it. But since then I have done lots of work on a personal level around the shadow, and because of this I have come to understand its full meaning.

These days I see this quote being used all the time to talk about the light, the beautiful, the wonder of the universe. The stars we see are the stars within us. Although it is a beautiful concept (and it truly is), if we are to look at it in relation to the universe then we must include the wholeness of the universe, for the universe also holds darkness equal to the light. 

This is not a concept to only hold up to things that become a reflection of our goodness, our virtues, or what we find magical and expansive. It isn’t a term to be used in one instance and not others. If we are to truly embody this idea then we also must apply it to what is dark, mostly what we judge and think we are not. Think about all the instances where you would not want to use this idea as a means of reflection of who you are. THOSE are the places you should be applying it most. 

Though you might not be a serial killer, at least I hope you aren’t, there is still darkness in you, ways your shadow controls you, disconnects you, cons you, uses you and maybe uses others. The shadow that is so apparent in the world right now is easy to spot, but we all have a shadow within us that requires a more discerning eye to see. What we see men doing to women most people do to their own internal female. It’s the shadow, internal and external. It’s the same. What is happening externally IS a reflection of what is happening internally. But it is the acceptance of the shadow, understanding of it, respect for it, and a mastery over it that allows us to transform it, it is what gives us our wholeness, and it is only then that we can truly embody the fullness of this idea. Only then do we fully become the “One Thing.”

Lee Ufan , Relatum – The Arch of Versailles, 2014


new moon / july


Thunder Moon
Thursday, July 12th, Cancer, 7:47 pm PST

We are in eclipse season. A lunar, solar, lunar from now until August 11th. The powerful energy of these eclipses will be pulling us through the landscape of our souls - into the deep crevasses, the rocky cliffs, the vast waters, and soothing skies. It's a time of being broken open and healing. With this moon we get the nurturing, water, female energy of Cancer. With this new moon partial lunar eclipse the Sun (male) moves in between us and the Moon (female), asking us to reexamine what the female is. 

In our culture, and especially these days in the healing / wellness community, there is a lot of talk about the female, of people wanting to be more in their feminine energy. The way it is portrayed, understood, and embodied is actually more of the Divine Masculine. It is light, universal love, soft, nurturing, forgiving... If you think about it, that is more the energy of God (not in a religious way). It's the energy of Spirit, which is beautiful! But not the female.

Right now, most people who think they are getting in touch with their Divine Feminine are actually getting in touch and strengthening their Divine Masculine (men as well, because everyone is made of both energies no matter your gender). With this new moon in Cancer and with the partial lunar eclipse it is bringing up where you confuse the two. It is asking you to sort out and re identify the Divine Masculine and Feminine within you. This might be showing up in your external life, as well as your internal relationship to yourself. Everyone is different, so everyone will have a different relationship with this. It is up to you to look beyond the surface to really see what is what. The eclipse is helping with this, and making it more confusing, so look to the places you are confused as sites and situations to examine. You can ask yourself, What is my external life trying to reveal to me about my misunderstanding of the Divine Masculine and Feminine? Pay particular attention in the following days.

Your inner female wants to be claimed. She wants her own voice! She wants to be seen.

The task right now is about uncovering where your misconception lies, before she reveals to you  more of who she truly is round the time of the next eclipse.

photo by Paul Outerbridge Jr.