full moon / august


Grain Moon
Sunday, August 26th, Pisces, 4:56 am PST

We are coming through a time of pressure and intensity, being pushed to extremes with the three eclipses we had. Now is a time to let that new energy settle. To reflect. Take stock. Take care of any unsettled business.

We have just come through a time where the duality of life has been in the forefront of everything. We have seen it externally in our relationships and in our environment, as well as felt it internally. We are born into duality and yet as humans it is so uncomfortable for us. We have trouble holding it, and do everything we can to avoid it. 

I have been doing a small meditation every day, thanks to a friend. Imagining one foot in dark and the other in the light and then feeling what my body does to avoid this dichotomy. Then I walk all the parts of me that I know resist this duality out of my body and I run through the meditation again. Noticing the difference. It has been incredible and I have learned so much. It takes practice to be in duality, which is to be in the truth of life.

Full Moons are often felt so strongly because they too exist in duality. The Sun is in one sign and the Moon in its opposing sign. This creates extremes within us, and can leave us feeling we are swinging from one energy to another. Practice the meditation and see if that helps you during this Full Moon. Though it is not as intense as others. Its calm Pisces energy is welcoming after the summer we have had. 

It's also a great time with Virgo energy around us to tie up loose ends. Take care of anything unfinished. Complete any small (or large) tasks. Get things in order. We have transitioned from the fiery Leo to this watery, emotional, earthy, grounded Full Moon. Enjoy it! 

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