new moon / august


Grain Moon
Saturday, August 11th, Leo, 2:57 am PST

This is a Super New Moon, with a partial solar eclipse, the last eclipse of the three. So many planets are still in retrograde and with these eclipses in the mix it really has been an intense time. New Moons are always a chance for new energies, and new beginnings. And eclipses are times of breaking away things to reveal something new, and more true. Plus with the added push by all the retrogrades, all of this combined is creating a time where we are being asked to take a hard look at ourselves, take responsibility and make some changes. 

Take a closer look at whatever is feeling relentless in your life, I guarantee that is the place where you are being asked to show up in a different way.

This new moon is in the sign of Leo, ruled by the heart! The heart of the lion! It's a good time to look at places and times when you are not including your heart. When I say the heart, I don't mean your wounds, this isn't a time where you should be including your experience of wanting to be soothed (by another. I am talking to YOU women!). Well, actually, you should be keeping an eye on those urges so as not to indulge them, but rather to own them and tend to them yourself instead of making them someone else's responsibility. But, I am really talking about the power of the heart, the duality of the passion and receptivity that the heart holds. It's the female in you that knows how to hold it all, and hold the duality of life.

These 7 planets in retrograde are rough, but they are doing us a favor. Wherever they are pushing you to grow, be uncomfortable, take responsibility, use the fire and courage of the Leo lion heart to help you. We all need as much courage as we can get right now. Tune into that. Hold it all. Include your heart. And start making those leaps you are being pushed to make. That is when you will have the breakthroughs. It's in action that breakthroughs come.

Jaromir Novotny, Kolumba

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